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Akka sabaatti ijaaramne Oromummaa fi Oromoo duwwaa abdannee. Gooboo garee fi maqaa qabsoon daldaaltuu hundeen diiguu qabna.

Posted 11/23/2014

Camadaa Hundee tiin, 23-11-2014

Kutaa Xumurtaa

Mata duree kana jalatti bareefama kutaa lamaan qoodee dhiyeessuu kiyya ni yaadatama. Kutaa lammaffaa jalatti rakkoolee danqaa nutti tahan keessaa sadan tokko kan fuundura natti muldhatan lafa kahuu yaalee jira. dhugaa dubbachuuf rakkoon jiran sadan sana duwwaa otoo hin taane, kallattii gara garaa fi maddi isaaniis akkasuma dhimma gara garaa wajjin kan wal qabatan tarreessuun ni danda’ama. Jirus. Barreefama gabaabaa kana keessatti garuu, bakkuma sadiitti qoodee barruu kiyya kutaa lammaffaa keessatti akeekuu yaale. Wal yaadachiisuuf jecha :
“Hunda dura aadaa yaada addaa dhaggeeffachuu fi mareef qophii ta’uu dhabuu ti.”

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Posted 11/23/2014

SEENAA  Y.G (2005) tiin, 22 sad, 2014

Qabsoon Oromoo, bu’aa ba’ii hedduu keessa dabree har’a irra ga’ee jira. Qabsoon Oromoo har’arra ga’uuf wareegama ol aanaa nu kafalchisee jira. Wareegama Lubbuu , Qabeenyaa, beekumsaa , jireenyaa, waa maraa itti baafneerra. Wareegamni nuuti itti baasaa jirru bifa lama qabaachuu ni mala. Tokko, wareegama Qabsoo kana jiraachisuuf kafalameedha. Inni lammaffaa ammoo, Mirga Ummata Oromoo kabachiisuuf Qabsoo gaggeeffamu keessatti wareegama baasaa jirrudha jechuu dandeenya. Qabxiileen kun lameen Qabsoo Ummata tokko keessatti kan mudachuu danda’an, garuu tokko isa tokkof rakkoo Umuullee kan danda’aniidha. 

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Ambo: Hidhamtootni Siyaasaa Nyaata Dhorkatamanii, Reebamani

Posted 11/20/2014

Madda: Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo, 18 Sad, 2014

Oromoonni 160 Mana Hidhaa Shaggar Lixaa, Amboo Keessa Jiran Gaaffii Mirgaa Kaasuu Irraan, Hojii Humnaa Hojjechuu fi Nyaataan Akka Miidhan Taasifame; Nama 10n Irrattis Reebichi Hamaan Raawwatame.‏

Because I am Oromo

Oromoonni gaaffiilee mirga Oromoo utubu gaafattan sababa jedhuun Oromumaan yakkaman 160 mana hidhaa Shaggar lixaa magaalaa Ambootti hidhamani jiran
guyyaa gaafa Sadaa 16 fi 17,2014 gochaa mootummaan Wayyaanee hidhamtoota Oromoo irratti raawwatu balaaleffachuu dhaan mana hidhaa jiran keessatti fincila jabaa ta’e kaasuun jeeqamsi loltootaa fi hidhamtoota jidduutti ka’e salphaa hin turre. Haala kanaan Oromoota 10 sababaa fincila kana duuba jirtu jedhuun reebichi akkaanii irratti raawatamee miidhaan guddaa irra gahee jiraachuu Qeerroon Ambo irraa gabaasa. Oromoonni loltoota Wayyaaneen akkaan reebaman kun miidhaan jabaa waan irra gaheef haala yaaddessaa keessa jiraachuun gabaafama.

Akka gabaasaa Qeerroo itti ilmaan Oromoo mana hidhaa magaalaa Amboo keessatti hidhamani jiran kan dhiyoo hidhamani jiranis tahe kan yeroo hedduu mana hidhaa kana keessa turan ji’oota muraasaa asitti mootummaan Wayyaanee hojii humnaa guyyaa guyyaa hojjechiisuudhaan, itti dabaluudhaan ammoo nyaata sirna qabeessaan akka hin arganneef irraa kutuudhaan miidhaa gurguddaa irraan gahaa ture, haalli hidhamtoota kanatti cimaa dhufuudhaan guyyoota lamaan kana hidhamootni 160 ol tahan fincila mana hidhaa keessatti kaasan.

Intensifying Mass Arrest, Torture, and Killingwill Only Inflame Struggle of for Freedom

Posted 11/18/2014

Statement of Qeerroo Bilisummaa on Continued Arrest and Conviction of
Oromo Students from Various Zones of Oromia. November 16, 2014

It is to be recalled that tens of thousands of Oromo nationals in general and Oromo students in particular have been arrested and severely tortured by the TPLF-led Ethiopian regime over the last few months in connection to a series of Oromo student protests which broke out in large scale and spread out throughout Oromia beginning the month of April, 2014. These protests, organized and led by the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (aka Qeerroo Bilisummaa), are just one incident in a series of continued struggle of the Oromo nation for freedom, democracy, and justice over the last 23 or so years. Hundreds have been gunned down by live bullets by the so called Agazi troops of the regime in the months of April and May, 2014.

In addition to those who have been shot and killed during the protests, many have lost their lives in prison cells unable to stand the brutal torture. Many others have simply disappeared. Qeerroo Bilisummaa believes that those who disappeared have been killed and their bodies hidden - a practice repeatedly perpetrated on the Oromo prisoners by this regime.

On July 7, 2014 Qeerroo Bilisummaa has compiled a list of 61 Oromos killed and 903 others rounded up and thrown into jail during the April/May Oromo student protests of universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools and other educational institutions. Our evidence indicates that all those who have been arrested have undergone through intense interrogation which involved severe and brutal torture. Many have lost their lives due to the severe torture. For example, a 2nd year Computer Science Oromo student of Haromaya University, Aslan (Nuradin)
Hasan, was killed as a result of extended torture in prison on June 04, 2014. On the same day a 10th grade student, Dawit Wakjira, was arrested and beaten to death in Anfillo district, Qellem Wollega zone. Again on the same day a young high school teacher, Magarsa Abdissa, was beaten and killed in Gulliso Prison, West Wollega zone. The fact that these three young Oromos are known and reported to have been beaten to death on the same day, from different parts of Oromia, is a testimony that prisons in the empire are not safe places under this regime. It has to be noted that many other killings that occurred in the prison cells remained hidden as it is extremely difficult and risky to compile reports of such brutal killings under tight security machinery of the regime.

Aslan Hasan, student, killed in prison Magarsa Abdissa, teacher, killed in prison

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Ethiopia: The Endless Violence against Oromo NationalsMust be Halted

Posted 11/18/2014

Fear of Torture

HRLHA Press Release, November 16, 2014


Harassments and intimidations through arbitrary arrests, indefinite detentions without trial, kidnappings and disappearances have continued unabated in Ambo and the surrounding areas against peaceful protestors since the crackdowns of April, 2014, in which more than 36 Oromos were killed by members of the federal security force.

According to HRLHA correspondents in Ambo, the major target areas of this most recent government-sponsored violence includes Ambo town and the villages of Mida Qagni district in eastern Shewa zone, approximately 25 km south of Ambo Town. More than 20 Oromos, students, teachers and farmers from different villages were arrested beginning November 11, 2014 until the time of the compilation of this press release. According to HRLHA reporters, the arrests were made following the protest by the people of the area against the sale of their farmland by the federal Government of Ethiopia to the investors

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Ethiopian Government to People: This Land is Your Land—Psyche!

Posted 11/16/2014

Source:  Vince Beiser | Takepart.comNovember 15, 2014 

Ethiopia’s rapid growth in recent years—per capita GDP has more than quadrupled since 2002—is often touted as an African success story. But the economic boom is costing traditional pastoral people their land and livelihoods, a new report charges.

 The report comes just in time for this week’s Group of 20 summit in Brisbane, Australia—a meeting of leaders of “the world’s largest advanced and emerging economies.” On Friday, protesters with the international anti-poverty group OXFAM called on leaders to address the “rising tide” of global inequality, saying that rich countries exploit poor communities around the world.  

Ethiopia, like many developing nations (and the U.S., for that matter), has in recent years started leasing huge tracts of land to foreign investors eager to develop industrial-scale farming operations. The country’s government has already handed over some 7.4 million acres. The problem is, millions of local people live on and use that land, according to the report by the California-based Oakland Institute and the U.K.’s Anywaa Survival Organisation.

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Oromo Voice Radio: Facilitating communication to streamline performance

Posted 11/12/2014

Cooperation with the Regime Hostile to the Peoples’ of Ethiopia is Against the Principles of International Law.

Posted 11/10/2014

A Statment by Oromo Liberation Front in Support of Report of Amnesty 

Intrnational on Human Rights Violation Against the Oromo People

 Date: 10-11-14

 No.: 004/stm-abo/2014


In the history of shocking tortures of dictatorial regimes against the peoples ruled under their iron fist, the Ethiopian government cruelty is unparalleled. Since its ascension to power by force in 1991, the Ethiopian government’s records of human rights violations through extraordinary killings, forced disappearances, massive imprisonments, displacements and other means of suppression against the Oromo people is incalculable. The world has repeatedly witnessed that the incumbent regime of Ethiopia is a government that has adopted a policy of ruling by violence, and commit harsh and cruel actions flagrantly.

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Gimbii: Dargagootni Oromoo 142 Hidhaa Jiru. 27 Immoo zaliila Irra Gaheen Lubbuun Isaanii Balaa keessa Jira

Posted 11/9/2014

Madda: Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo, 8 Sad, 2014

Because I am Oromo

Odeessa maatii hidhamtootaa fi gabaasa Qeerroo irraa qindaa’ee har’a nu qaqqabe yeroodhaa yerootti akkuma gabaasaan dhiyaataa ture baatii Ebla 2014 keessa FDG dargaggoota Oromoon ka’een wal qabatee lubbuu barattootaa fi qonnaan bultoota Oromoo hedduutu bade, barataan danuun madaa’ee kumaatamaan kan lakkaawaman ammoo yeroo ammaa mana hidhaa keessatti dararamaa kan jiru waan hubatamaadha. Haata’u malee mootummaan Wayyaanee yeroodhaa yerootti guyyaa fincilli kun eegalee kaasee uummata oromoo sabboonummaa qaban tika isaan qabsiisee mana hidhaatti darbee yakka tokko malee dararamaa jiru, ilmaan Oromoo mana hidhaa keessatti dararaman lakkaawuun kan nama rakkisu yoo tahe iyyuu gabaasa Qeerroo magaalaa Gimbii irraa nu qaqqabee fi akkasuma gabaasa maatii hidhamtoota keessaa magaalaa baqa mootummaa wayyaaneef magaalaa Finfinnee keessa jiraatan irraa nu gaheen diddaa lixa Oromiyaa lixaa irratti mootummaa Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuudhaan falmii dhageessisaa turan yeroo ammaa mana hidhaa keessatti dararamaa jiru.

Caamsaa 10/2014 godina Wallagga aanaa Haaruu magaalaa Jiituu keessatti diddaan qabatee ture humna mootummaa wayyaanee tahanii uummata miidhuuf kan ka’an irratti uummanni Oromoo magaalaa kanaa tarkaanfii fudhachaa tureen akkasuma humna waraana wayyanee dura dhaabbatanii gootummaadhaan mirga isaanii falmachuu irratti argamanii kan turan, ilaalcha ergamaa ABO fi dhaaba ABOf warra hojjetana jedhamee maatiidhaan mana hidhaa keessatti hanga ammaa dararriin irratti gaggeffamaa jiru,Caamsaa gaafa 12/2014 tikoota Wayyaaneen qabamanii baatii tokkoof waajjira poolisii aanaa Haaruu magaalaa Jiituu kan turan, baatii tokkoon booda gara mana hidhaa godinaatti darbuun mana hidhaa magaalaa Gimbii keessatti hanga ammaa dararamaa
jiran namoota 142 keessaa haalaan kanneen miidhaman Oromoota 27 kan armaa gaditi:-

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Sadaasa 9: Guyyaa Yaadannoo Gootota FDG Irratti Wareegamani

Posted 11/9/2014

Bakkaa fi yoroo adda addaatti Oromotni hedduun osoo mirga saba isaaniif falmanii aarsaa lubbuu kennaniiru. Oromiyaan gutummaatti osoo hin weeraramiinii kaasee haga har'aatti guyyaa Oromoon roorroo diinaa tole jedhee fudhatee jala buleeru seenaan hin galmeessine. 

Humna gabrooffataa waliin meeshaa lolaan wal-qixa ta'uu baatellee dhiiraa fi dhalaan hulaa danda'aniin mirga Oromoof osoo falmanii kan dabran hedduu dha. Kan maqaan galmaahee waamamanis ta'e kan maqaan ammallee ifatti hin eeramne goototni kuma-kitila dha.

Mana hidhaa diinaa keessatti zaliilaa irra gaheenii fi rasaasa akkasumas summiin ajjeefamanii kaasee haqa dirree qabsootti kan wareegaman gootota Oromoo ti. Mana barumsaatii hanga biyya baqaatti kanneen rasaasa mootummaa gabrooffata Itoophiyaa fi bitamtootaan kan lubbuun isaanii baate martuu jagnoota Oromoo ti. Cufa isaanii Oromoon akka gootaatti isaaniin dhaadhata. Sadaasni 9, bara baraan guyya isaan itti yaadatamani dha.

"Daandii isaan xuruuraniin dhalootni jiru kaayyoo isaan itti kitiman galmaan gaha. Bilisummaan Oromoo fi walabummaan Oromiyaa gumaa goototaa kanneenii ti", jedhu dhalootni har'aa miliyonotaan hedaman. Haalli biyya keessaa fi alatti dhaloota ol-guddatan biratti mul'atus xiiqii fi onnee iaanii hubata, haala Oromoo namni ija-abbaa gatiin jala bu'e.

Barattuu Daraartuu Abdataa: Pirezidaantii Gumii A/A/O U/D/Daawaa

Posted 11/7/2014

Barattuu Daraartuu Abdataa Araarsoo Pirezidaantii Gumii Aadaa fi Afaan Oromoo Yuniversitii Dirree-Dawaa ti

Bakka namni hin jirretti nama taatee kan argamte Daraartuu Abdataa seenaan uummata Oromoo yoom iyyuu ni Faarfata! Seenaa Abdataa tiin.

Madda: marsaa GPO, waan tokko fooyyeefameera, 01-11-14

                          Daraatuu Abdataa

Daraartuu Abdataa jedhamti. Biyya Garasuu Dukii kan taate Magaalaa Walisoo keessatti dhalattee Guddatte. Aadaa fi Afaan Oromoo Guddiisuuf barnoota sadarkaa gadii irraa jalqabdee kan tattaafachaa turte Daraartuun, Yunversiitii Dire Daawaa erga seentee boodas Pirezidaantii Gumii GAAO ta’uu dhaan Dargaggoota Oromoo gurmeessitee Yunversiitii D/Daawaa keessatti akka Aadaa fi Afaan Oromoo dagaaguuf Shamarree carraaqaa turte dha! Haa Ta’u malee Maaster Pilaanii Finfinnee uummata keenya buqqaasuuf ka’e mormuu dhaan yeroo Barattoonni Yunversiitii D/Daawaa gaaffii mirgaa waan gaafataniif qofa mana hidhaatti guuramanitti Daraartuu Abdataa shamarran torba faana dargaggoota keenya waliin waajjira poolisii magaalaa D/Daawaa qaxanaa 2 keessatti hidhamte.

 Guyyaa Ja’aaf bakka kanatti erga dararamanii booda shamarran hundi isaanii akka gara barnootaatti deebi’an ajajni darbe.Haa ta’u malee Daraartuu Abdataa akkas jechuun deebii Laatte. “Nuti hundi keenya iyyuu gaaffii mirgaa gaafanne. Kun immoo badii hin qabu. Kanaaf iyyuu yoo nu gadhiistu ta’e hunda keenya gadhiisaa yoo nu adabsiisa ta’e immoo hunda keenya adabaa” jechuu dhaan deebii laatte. Deebiin Daraartuun Laatte kun qorannoo cimaaf akka saaxilamtu taasise. Kan barattoota kakaase sidha jechuu dhaan dararaan itti jabaate. Ji’oota hedduu dhaaf erga mana hidhaa keessatti dararamtee booda Guyyaa kaleessaa manni murtii Olaanaa badii tokko malee obboloota ishee 16 waliin murtii irratti dabarseera.

Daraartuu Abdataas uummata Oromoof jecha keessumattuu qonnaan bultoota Oromoo naannawaa Finfinnee jiraataniif jecha barnoota ishee irraa addaan cittee umurii dargaggummaa ishee irraa waggaa tokkoof akka hidhamtu murtiin Diktaataroota irraa itti murtaa’eera. Akkasumas qarshii 500 akka adabamtu taasifameera! Waggaan tokko bor dhumti. Jireenya ofii dhiisanii saba ofiitiif akka Daraartuutti jiraachuun garuu boqonnaa sammuu bara baraa namaaf Kenna! Bakka namni hin jirretti nama taatee kan argamte Daraartuu Abdataa seenaan uummata Oromoo yoom iyyuu ni Faarfata!


Posted 11/7/2014

SEENAA  Y.G(2005) tiin, 07112014

Miidiyaaleen Qooqa Oromoo Biyya keessaas ta’uu Biyya alaa Ummata isaanii tajaajilaa jiran, dhimma Qooqa Oromoon wal-qabatee, beektootaa fi Ummataaf gaaffiilee wal fakkaataa tokko gaafachuu jaalatan. Kunis Qooqi Oromoo, Aadaa fi Artiin Oromoo sadarkaa maalii irra jiraa ? guddatee moo, hin guddannee ? jedhanii gaafatu. Warri gaaffii kanaaf deebii laatan, deebiin isaanii, Biyya keessaa fi alatti garaagari. Inni Biyya alaa jiru haqa jiru haala qabatamaa jiru waliin deebii kenna. Inni Biyya keessa jiru ammoo, Qooqi Oromoo, Aadaan Oromoo, Artiin Oromoo guddachuu fi dhiisuun isaa Ummatichaaf odoo hin taanee, holola qaama biraaf barbaadama waan ta’eef yoo xiqqaate “guddachaa jiraatti” harkisanii ibsuu yaalu. Akka fakkeenyaatti deebii ogeessa aadaa fi Artii tokkof, gaaffiin wal fakkaataa dhiheessaniifi jennaan deebii isaan kennee haa kaasu

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Akka sabaatti ijaaramne, Oromummaa fi Oromoo duwwaa abdannee. Gooboo garee fi maqaa qabsoon daldaaltu hundeen diiguu qabna!

Posted 11/6/2014

Camadaa Hundee tiin, Sadaasa 2014

Kutaa lammaffaa

Barreefama kiyya kutaa tokkoffaa keessatti, dhaabbileen siyaasa Oromoo, dhimmoota irratti garaa garummaa qabanii fi waantota irratti waliin hojachuu danda’an, adda baafatanii mataa isaaniitiin beekuu dadhabuun, rakkoo irratti rakkoo dabalaa akka dhufee fi garaagarummaan siyaasaa mooraa Oromoo gidduu jiru maree fi walitti dhiheenyaan akka salphaatti furachuun akka danda’amu irratti amma tokko yaaduma yeroo hunda deddebi’amee ka’u kaasuuf yaalee jira. Yeroo hunda hawwii fi fedhiin kiyya, mooraan Oromoo akka tokkoomuu fi tokkummaan dhugaa Oromoon barbaadu, akka dhugoomun hawwa. Kanaaf barruuleen barreessaa turee fi ammas amman danda’etti barreessu tokkummaan dhugaa akka milka’u dhama’uu dha. Tokkummaa kanaaf kan watwaatan, nama dhuunfaa ykn garee siyaasaa tokko otoo hin taane, ummata Oromoo akka ummataatti. Maddi rakkoo keenyaas tokkummaa dhabuu keenya akka ta’e beektotiin keenya irra deddebi’anii akeekanii jiru. Dhaguu dadhabuun keenya gatii guddaa akka sabaatti nukaffalchiisee jira.Kanaaf ammasi yaaduma kana irratti xiyyeefadha.
Mooraa qabsoo Oromoo keessatti tokkummaa dhugaa fiduuf rakkoolee jiran eddu akka ta’an beekamaa dha. Ammaaf garuu qabxiileedhuma murta’an irratti xiyyeefadha. Gufuuleen mooraa Oromoo keessatti idda gadi jabeeffatan keessaa:

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Posted 11/3/2014


Gaarreen morma jalaa qarreerra dhaabatee
Akka goota ilmaa shaafoo harkatti qabatee

Kan dhiirota raasu xiinsammuu gaggabsee
Hundaa buusee baasee gogaa callabbeessee

Mogolee laaffisee kan goota lugnoomsuu
Kan leenca takaalee arba hidhee ciibsuu

Inni hayyuu keessaa sammuu haqaa fuudhe
Kan mul'ata jabaa qorattiidhaan hudhe

Meeshaan obboloota walirratti kaasu
Kumaatama fixee kan muraasa faarsu

Dargaggoo raatessee barataa maraachee
Dubbiin faallaa taatee qarreen qeerroo dhalchee

Biiftuun baatee lixuuf waggaa lakkoofsiftee
Deessuunis maseentee hindhugiin machooftee

Maanguddoon dugdaafuu ol jechuu dadhabdee
Jaartiin jaarsa faana ilaalchaan waldhabdee

Ga'eessi yoo hanqatu lafa ga'uu qabu
Bultiinsaa diigamee ganda ormaa labu

Guutuun manaa dabee kufuuf cilliqfata
Isa giidoo qabutu ajjeesee isa gataa

Manni duwwaatti hafee keessi loccuu qofa
Keenyan manaa cabee guutteetti ilmoon bofaa

Arfaasaan godaanee birraa bokkaan rooba
Baay'een abjuu gatee dhoqqee walitti dhoobaa

Kan kaleessa hinbeekne boriisaaf hin yaadu
Gara jabeessaadha waliif qara haaduu

Bishaan manii dhoosee goodaarraa fincaa'a
Gamnis akka gowwaatti jiraachuuf dharra'a

Kaleessiifi dheengaddi isa borii gadii
Ciniinnatee kolfa yaasee ilkaan adii

Dhgaan hamma dhadhaa jabaachuu dadhabee
Dilbiin hossee ta'ee ija of keessaa dhabee

Kan kaleessa namaa har'a waraabessaa
Dhiiga haadhoosaatii adamsee ajjeesaa

Kan garaan dorrobaa keessi garuu hoffaa
Madaa haadhoosaati qubasaatiin horfa

Inni oo'a hinbeekne bineensi abbaa ormaa
Anaafoo naangallee guntutamoo harmaa?



Burkina Faso unrest: President Blaise Compaore resigns

Posted 11/1/2014

Source: BBC 21-10-2014

Burkina Faso’s president, Blaise Compaore, resigns

Burkina Faso’s president, Blaise Compaore, resigns

 Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore has announced his resignation, following violent protests at his attempt to extend his 27-year rule.

Mr Compaore issued a statement saying the presidency was now vacant and urging elections within 90 days.

An army spokesman also broke the news to cheering demonstrators in the capital, Ouagadougou.

On Thursday, protesters angry at Mr Compaore’s attempt to amend the constitution set fire to parliament.

Following the protests, Mr Compaore said he had agreed not to seek another term, but that he would remain in power until a transitional government had completed its work in 2015.

However, the opposition continued to demand that he resign. Its leader, Zephirin Diabre, urged protesters to occupy public spaces.

There were cheers when the army spokesman told the crowd gathered in front of army headquarters on Friday that Mr Compaore had left office, AFP news agency reports.

Mr Compaore’s statement, read on television, said there was now a “power vacuum” and called for “free and transparent” elections within 90 days.

His whereabouts now remain unclear.

Source: BBC

United States call for the Ethiopian government to release journalists

Posted 11/1/2014


Press Statement

Jen Psaki

Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
October 30, 2014

The United States is deeply concerned by the October 27 sentencing of Ethiopian journalist Temesgen Desalegn to three years in prison for “provocation and dissemination of inaccurate information.” Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are fundamental elements of a democratic society, and the promotion and protection of these rights and freedoms are basic responsibilities of democratic governments.

As President Obama stated during his meeting in September with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam, it is important that Ethiopia’s progress and positive example on economic development and regional conflict resolution extends to civil society as well. We urge Ethiopia to make similar progress with regard to respect for press freedom and the free flow of ideas and reiterate our call for the Ethiopian government to release journalists imprisoned for exercising their right to freedom of expression.

Britain axes aid to Ethiopian police amid human rights outcry

Posted 11/1/2014

Document warning that aid programme posed ‘high’ risk to human rights deleted from Government website as £27 million aid scheme axed

By Matthew Holehouse, Political Correspondent via Telegraph 31-10-2014


 Britain has given £1 billion in aid, including around £70 million for “governance and security” projects, to the country over three years Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP

October 31, 2014 (The Telegraph) — Britain has suspended most of a £27 million aid programme to support Ethiopia’s police force, The Telegraph has learnt, amid mounting allegations of torture, rape and murder by the regime.

 Ministers pulled the plug on a scheme intended to improve criminal investigations, help Ethiopian police “interact with communities on local safety” and help women access the justice system.

The cancellation coincides with an Amnesty International report that documents how the Ethiopian security forces have conducted a campaign of torture, mutilation, rape and murder in order to suppress political opposition.

Britain has given £1 billion in aid, including around £70 million for “governance and security” projects, to the country over three years. Critics of the ruling regime have disappeared, and Amnesty International found allegations of men being blinded and women being gang raped and burnt with hot coals by regime officials.

There are mounting fears for the safety of Andy Tsege, a British national and critic of the regime, who was abducted in Yemen before being tortured and sentenced to death.

The Department for International Development said the project was cancelled because it did not represent “value for money” and because of “risk” in getting it delivered on time.

It insisted that the cancellation of the project was entirely unrelated to allegations of human rights abuses, and said the decision pre-dated the Amnesty International report.

However, earlier this year an internal government assessment of the programme warned it posed a “high” risk to human rights, upgrading it from medium.

The document noted that the Government of Ethiopia appeared reluctant to improve the human rights situation. “The underlying assumption of GoE’s commitment to reform in the security sector is sensitive and subject to a range of factors (e.g. terrorist attacks inside Ethiopia). In light of this, we propose elevating the risk to ‘high’.”

It also warned that work had been “poor quality” with “weak value for money”. There were “tensions” between British aid workers and the Government of Ethiopia, with Ethiopian civil servants complaining over being “overwhelmed” by paperwork. Work fell behind the timetable.

The document, an annual assessment of the scheme, was subsequently deleted from the website.


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When Truth Revailed: Crimes Committed by Ethiopian Government Against the Oromo People

Posted 10/30/2014

                                   BBC interviewing torture survivor and Dr Awol K on Amnesty report 

Thousands of Ethiopians tortured by brutal government security forces... while Britain hands over almost £1 BILLION in aid money

Posted 10/30/2014

Source: Daily Mail, 29-102014

  • Amnesty International says 5,000 people tortured, raped and 'disappeared'
  • Over the last three years the UK Government has given Ethiopia £1 billion
  • It pocketed £261.5 million in 2012 and £284.4 million in 2013

Akka sabaatti ijaaramne, Oromummaa fi Oromoo duwwaa abdannee. Gooboo garee fi maqaa qabsoon daldaaltuu hundeen diiguu qabna!

Posted 10/29/2014

Camadaa Hundeetiin, 29-10-2014

Kutaa tokkoffaa

Sadarkaan guddinni qabsoo Oromoo irra gahee jiru, yeroo gandaan, gareen, amantaa fi sammuu alagaan yaadan irra ce’ee jira. ilmaan Oromoo bahaa-dhiha, kaabaa-kibba dhimmi isaan walitti hidhee jiru oromummaa fi oromiyaa dha. waanta hunda dursuu kan qabu, dhaabbileen maqaa oromoon ijaaraman, fayidaa nama dhuunfaa fi garee keessaa bilisa ta’anii waanta akka sagantaatti baafatanii jiran gara hojiitti jijjiruun dirqama yeroo ti. Maqaa qabsoo oromoon dhaabbilee ijaaramanii jiran yoo ilaalle, bifa barruun sagantaan isaan waraqaa irraa qaban, Oromoo abbaa biyyaa gochuu fi bilisummaa sabaa dhugoomsuuf akka ta’e, barruu irraa ni dubbifama. Hoogganootii fi miseensi dhaabbilee siyaasa garuu, waanta akka sagantaa siyaasaa irratti maxxanfatanii fi baafatan hojiitti hiikamaa akk hin jirre tolchanii beeku. Waanti akka sagantaatti wixinatanii jiranii fi waanti hojiin muldhisaa jiran faallaa sagantaa isaanii ti.

Oromoo ta’ee qabsoon keenya maaliif dadhabe kan hin jenne jira hin se’u. falaa fi malas namni hin akeekne hin jiru. Hoogganootiin qabsoo Oromoo hoogganaa jiran, midiyaa fi waltajjii ummataa gara garaa irratti yoo dhihaatan, waadan isaan galanii ummatatti lalaban yoo jiraate, qabsoo sabaa jabeessuuf hunda dura oromummaa fi tokkummaa mooraa qabsoo oromoof akka hojatan dhaammatu. Qabatamaatti garuu faallaa kanaatu muldhata. Rakkoon kun amma iyyuu hin dhaabbanne. Rakkoon kun ummata Oromoo ykn miseensa dhaabbilee siyaasa Oromoo bira hin jiru. Rakkoon amtuu fi ijoon kan jirtu hooggantoota dhaabbilee siyaasaa bira jira. kanaaf hooggantootiin dhaabbilee siyaasaa rakkoo amma harkaa nuqabdu kana hiikkachuuf of irratti murteessuu qabu. dubbii dandahuudhaan, waliin dhahuudhaan, fakkeessuudhaan, natu caalaadhaan, maqaa hin taane waliif kennuudhaan……. Kana booda ummta Oromoo joonjessuu fi ofiifis joonja’anii mooraa alagaa yeroo itti jabeessan dhaabbachuun dirqama ta’a. ammas tarii maqaa qabsoo oromoon daldaaluuf gareen ykn murni amma iyyuu abjootu jiraachuu mala. Kun dhaloota ammaa biratti fudhatama hin qabu. gabaa galtu dhaquu taati.

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Ethiopia ‘ruthlessly targeting’ and torturing Oromo people, says Amnesty

Posted 10/28/2014

Source: Agence France-Presse in Addis Ababa; via The Guardian, Tuesday 28 October 2014 

Damning report says thousands of people from country’s largest ethnic group are subjected to abuse including rape and killings.

Oromo protests

Oromo demonstrators protest in London earlier this year following the killing of student protesters in Oromia state by Ethiopian security forces. Photograph: Peter Marshall/Demotix/Corbis

Ethiopia has “ruthlessly targeted” and tortured its largest ethnic group owing to a perceived opposition to the government, Amnesty International has said.

Thousands of people from the Oromo ethnic group have been “regularly subjected to arbitrary arrest, prolonged detention without charge, enforced disappearance, repeated torture and unlawful state killings,” according to a damning report based on more than 200 testimonies. “Dozens of actual or suspected dissenters have been killed.”

At least 5,000 Oromos have been arrested since 2011 often for the “most tenuous of reasons”, for their opposition – real or simply assumed – to the government, the report added.

Many are accused of supporting the rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

Former detainees who have fled the country and were interviewed by Amnesty in neighbouring Kenya, Somaliland and Uganda described torture “including beatings, electric shocks, mock execution, burning with heated metal or molten plastic and rape, including gang-rape”, the report added.

One young girl said hot coals had been dropped on her stomach because her father was suspected of supporting the OLF, while a teacher described how he was stabbed in the eye with a bayonet after he refused to teach “propaganda about the ruling party” to students.

There was no immediate response from the government, which has previously dismissed such reports and denied any accusation of torture or arbitrary arrests.

“The Ethiopian government’s relentless crackdown on real or imagined dissent among the Oromo is sweeping in its scale and often shocking in its brutality,” the Amnesty researcher Claire Beston said.

“This is apparently intended to warn, control or silence all signs of ‘political disobedience’ in the region,” she added, describing how those she interviewed bore the signs of torture, including scars and burns, as well as missing fingers, ears and teeth.

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Posted 10/28/2014

Source; Amnesty International, 28-10-2014

Ethiopia: ‘Because I am Oromo’: Sweeping repression in the Oromia region of Ethiopia

Between 2011 and 2014, at least 5000 Oromos have been arrested based on their actual or suspected peaceful opposition to the government. These include thousands of peaceful protestors and hundreds of opposition political party members. The government anticipates a high level of opposition in Oromia, and signs of dissent are sought out and regularly, sometimes pre-emptively, suppressed. In numerous cases, actual or suspected dissenters have been detained without charge or trial, killed by security services during protests, arrests and in detention.

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Posted 10/26/2014

Press Release by Gmabla Nilotes United Movement/Army, 24-10-2014


Gambella Nilotes United Movement/Army

Press Release

October 24th 2014, Gambella

Gambella Nilotes United Movement (GNUM) strongly condemns the Ethiopian government’s ethnic cleansing plans and act by creating conflict between highlanders and the indigenous people of Gambella. The massacre of Mezenger tribe since September 11/2014 is increasingly spreading to all villages of Godere zone by criminal and illegal highlanders supported by EPRDF national defence forces. Along the border between Gurafarda District (SNNPR of Ethiopia) and Godere District of Gambella all Mezenger villages were destroyed by Ethiopian National Defence following the campaign of the government to eliminate all Mezenger people from their ancestral land. Until today there is no access for independent body to visit the area to investigate the scale of damage and massacre of the Mezenger people due to presence of highly equipped military throughout the two districts.

Since 2003 Anuaks genocide in the Gambella region, the Ethiopian government has increasingly carried out several massacres and serious crimes against humanity as means to appropriate land for the northern settlers and commercial investors in Gambella. The chronological records of these massacres are still mounting.


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The Central Committee Appointed New Leadership

Posted 10/26/2014

Source: gadaa.com 26-10-2014


Press Release

The Oromo Liberation Front (the OLF) Central Committee has held an emergency meeting on October 25, 2014.

In this meeting, the Committee has discussed the removal of General Kamal from the chairmanship of the OLF on October 23, 2014 by Executive Committee.

The committee considered all matters that caused the removal, and accepted the decision of the Executive Committee. Until they choice the permanent leader, the committee has appoint three individuals: Dr. Nuro Dedefo, Chairperson; Brigadier General Hailu Gonfa, Head of Political Affairs; and Mr. Kassim Abbaa Nasha, Head of Foreign Relations. The rest of the executive leaders names will be announced subsequently.

 The Central Committee directs the new leaders to focus on the directive it gave to Executive Committee last year that is to work without precondition with all political organizations that struggle to dismantle the oppressive Woyyanne regimes that all peoples in Ethiopia live in peace, freedom and justice.

Oromo Liberation Front Central Committee

October 26, 2014

The OLF-Change Removed its Chairman

Posted 10/26/2014


The Oromo Liberation Front (Popularly known as OLF for change) chairman, Brigadier General Kamal Galchuu has been removed from his position effective immediately.
Kamal Galchu since he came to the helm of the OLF, he has caused great destruction to the functions of the organization as a result of his poor leadership qualities and dictatorial actions. On numerous occasions he has been counseled to change his controlling and tyrannical behaviors in order to uphold the organization’s bylaws. In addition, he was continuously counseled to focus on the main objectives of the OLF, which is to unite the Oromo people and lead a unified struggle against tyrannical rule in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, he has resisted any initiative to bring different Oromo political organizations to form unit against the Wayyane regime.

His irresponsible and tyrannical actions has deterred (OLF Change) from creating a relationship and cooperation between other Oromo Political groups. As chairman, G/ Kamal Galchu has led our organization on the path of political and material corruption by further annihilating the organization from implementing positive changes that serve the interests of the Oromo people as
a whole.

G/Kamal Galchu has violated the laws he initially took an oath to uphold to serve his personal benefits and spread false propaganda among members of the organization, making it difficult to implement effective change. There is no a greater betrayal and shame than one who compromises a national struggle for personal benefits, the leadership of General Kamal Galchu displays an outright violation similar of that of tyrannical leaders in Ethiopia. He ran theorganization on the platform of absolute tyranny, led by one man and for one man only, by creating an environment that made it difficult, if not impossible, for members to work towards
the organization’s goals. This was prevalent when he chose not to abide by the rules of the organization and pushed for eleterious aims in order to advance his personal gains.

His actions led the organizations on a detrimental path and made it difficult for our objectives to become a reality. Essentially, his tyrannical motives have brought great havoc to everyone in the organization and the broader national struggle of the Oromo people. He displayed oppressive and authoritative behaviors of his former boss Meles Zenawi, whilst enhancing his personal motives at the expense of the cause. He uses divide and rule system of the Wayyane regime that has applied against our people in similar in its context within the organization.

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