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Seenaa Gabaabaa Aaddee Faaxumaa Galmoo (Haadha Abdii) 1930-2014

Posted 9/12/2014

Madda: Oromedia, 12-09-2014

        Aadde Faaxumaa Galmoo, 1930-2014 

Qabsoo ummanni Oromoo gabrummaa jalaa bahuuf godhaa jiru keessatti injifannoon hamma yoonaa galmaawan heddu. Injifannoolee tana galmeeysuuf, biyya keessa qofa odoo hin taane, biyyoota alaa keessattiis wal’aansoo cimtuu tu adeemsifame. Akkuma kan biyya keessaatti, wal’aansooleen biyya alaatti godhamaniis seenaa if dandaye qabu.

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Essence of the Scottish Referendum in the Eyes of an Oromo Nationalis

Posted 9/10/2014

By Boruu Barraaqaa (September. 09/ 2014)

It is obvious that both supporters and opponents of Oromian independence in Ethiopia are watching carefully what is going on in the UK. Both political entities have their own reasons for their respective wishes. Some Abyssinian elites could ridiculously try to resemble their cause to that of English elites, who were in the forefront of building the great nation, UK. However, there is no factual resemblance between the savage invaders from Abyssinia and the most civilized, prosperous and the leading democratic nation in the world. In spite of the fact that the British were once the brutal colonialist rulers in the world history, I don’t judge them by their history of yesterday in this context, but by who they are and what they are contributing for the betterment of our world today.

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Walaloo: Murannoon Haa Kaanu!

Posted 9/10/2014

Marsimoonaa tin, 09-09-14

Rooba keessa dhukkee kaasuun wahi jirtii
Sabaaf kan if kanne lubbuusaa takkittii
Goonni dirree jiraa hin riphne manattii
Kunneen 'facebook' gubbaa olola afuuftii
Gurratti hin qicannu lola interneetii
Dubbii tana dhiisaa sossoo'aa qabsotti!

Goota numa garree goottan goota caalu
Kan duratti bahee diinasaa haleelu,
Oromummaa dhugaan kanneen lubbuu dhabe
Yoom deeraa keessaa afaaniin lallabee?

Jajjaboo sabaa gootoowwan Aanolee
Ilmaan Murti Guutoo kanneen guyyaa kalee
Dura dhaabbachuun warreen diinaan lole
Diina girgireeysan sodaaf garan-gallee
Gootummaa isaanii arra ni wallaallee?

Ka'aa wal kakaasaa qabsoon 'facebook' dharaa
Lubbuu teenya sabaaf kennuu nurra jiraa
Fakkeenya goradhu akka Waaqoof Jaarraa
Dhugaadhaan hoojjadhu dhiisi dubbii garaa.

Hanga yoom jiraanna jireenya gadadoo?
Onneedhan horadhe tan Haaji Aadam Saaddoo
Gootichan yaadadhee akka Taaddee Birruu
Yeroon teenya amma tokkummaan hiriirru!

Bosona Baaleetiif amnaaf karaa bu'ee
Gaara Mul'ataatti kutannoonin ka'ee
Ekeraa na yaame,tan Hundeef Elemoo
Kutaa kudha tokko yaa ilmaan Oromoo...
Maaliif callifna ree sossoo'aa yaa qomoo!

Hanga yoomi dhiiroo kijiba afuufuun?
Afaanuma duwwaa teenyee wal sossobuun?
An tiyyaa muradhee ka'aa haa sossoonuu
Biyya teenya Oromiyaa harkatti haa galfannuu!!
Biyya teenya Oromiyaa harkatti haa galfannuu!!

Irreechi Mallattoo Tokkummaa Keenyaa ti!

Posted 9/1/2014

Seenaa Y. G 92005) tiin, 01-09-2014

Addunyaan keessa jiraannu kun, irra jireessa Seenaa Abbooti Biyyaa Saamanii kan kooti jechuun waan nu dursaniif malee, Itoophiyaanis taatu Addunyaan biraa akka nu duuba jiran ragaalee hedduu tarrisuu dandeenya. Har’a Gabrummaa jala waan jirruuf, haqa kana fudhachiisuun ni ulfaata ta’a. 

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Arresting and Torturing of Oromo Women and Youth does not Stop the Struggle of the Oromo People for Justice and Freedom

Posted 8/30/2014

Statement of the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (aka Qeerroo Bilisummaa)


Qeerroo EditQeerroo Edit


The Tigrayan minority TPLF-led Ethiopian regime has continued arresting and torturing of the Oromo nationals in an attempt to stop the struggle of the Oromo nation for freedom, democracy and justice. Currently, the atrocities committed by this regime on innocent Oromo civilians have been escalated to unimaginable scale. Hundreds of Oromo students, teachers, farmers, daily labourers, and civil servants are languishing in prisons located at several places in Oromia. The overwhelming majority of those who are sent to detention centres are subjected to severe and inhuman torture. Some have died in prison cells or thrown out of jail and left to die in hospital simply because they couldn’t stand the torture. Oromo nationalists Wako Tola (teacher), Usmayyo Musa (singer), Alamayehu Gerba (handicapped university student), Nimona Tilahun (former University student), Tesfahun Chemeda (engineer), Aslan Hassan (university student), and many others are all killed by the regimes police as a direct result of torture while in prison cells. Those who survive the brutal torture will be subjected to trumped-up charges and will be brought to judges of the kangaroo court of the regime. Before bringing to the court false witnesses are prepared and “evidence” is planted at their homes by the regimes police and convicted based on these fake testimony and made-up and planted “evidence”. Others are kept in prison indefinitely without any charge at all. In few cases judges render a “not-guilty” verdict after the prisoners have already spent several years in jail and let them go “free”. In some of such cases the police arrests them back before they even leave the court house and prepare other made-up charges. This has been a well-known and established norm of the judiciary system of the current regime in Ethiopia. Oromo students are subjected to such police brutality and unjust judicial process and branded as “terrorists” for no crime other than raising the rightful and legitimate questions of the Oromo people in a peaceful and non-violent manner. It is not an exaggeration if we say this regime in Finfinne (Addis Ababa) is a mafia regime, brutal than the former apartheid regime of South Africa.

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Waliin Waliif – Together for Each Other in Oromia!

Posted 8/28/2014

Waliin Waliif – Together for Each Other in Oromia! 


Since 1991 the TPLF have predominantly controlled government power in the country resulting in over 40,000 Oromo’s being unjustly detained and their lives destroyed. Retired Oromo elders, mothers, teenagers and children with their families are among the thousands of innocent Oromo civilians unlawfully imprisoned for long periods, with many losing their lives in prison as the result of a lack of adequate treatment and torture. Other Oromo civilians, counted in thousands, including farmers, business people, teachers, students and professionals have had their properties confiscated, lost their jobs and risked uncertain life in their homeland. 

On top of all these atrocious situations, the systematic complication of due legal process- such as high lawyer costs, prevent the Oromo detainees from accessing lawyers and bringing their case to hearing in the court system. Thousands of Oromo released from years of prison have fled to different countries and suffer in various refugee camps. By taking all these factors into account, and to support these victims as much as possible this “Waliin-Waliif” – literally ‘ Together for Each Other’ project has been established.

Assist Oromo detainees forgotten in prison for many years and still unable to access lawyers due to financial difficulties. Provide close and devoted support to Oromo children, those whose parents are in detention, through sending them to school as well as encouraging them in dealing with their daily hardship. Follow up and provide the necessary and possible support to Oromo detainee families suffering in the country. 

- Support Oromo detainees released from prison that have fled the country and are sheltered in various refugee camps in neighbouring countries. 

- Support those who have been physically injured or suffer illness from detention due to poor treatment. 

- Support Oromo girls and women in need of special and additional support in detention. 

Continuously report the ongoing suffering of the Oromo community in Ethiopia, to members of the Oromo diaspora around the world. Designating and engaging individuals living in various countries for the succession of ‘ Waliin Waliif’ Together for Each Other objectives. To empower Oromo who have been released from detention (particularly Oromo ladies), to be the achievers and leaders

Contact info:  walii.waliif1@gmail.com 
Waliin Waliif!

ETHIOPIA: Arrests and Detentions of Oromo Students Continued

Posted 8/27/2014

HRLHA – Press Release

August 27, 2014


While fresh arrests and detentions, kidnappings and disappearances of Oromo nationals have continued in different parts of the regional state of Oromo following the April-May crackdown of peaceful demonstrators, court rulings over the cases of some of the earlier detainees by courts of the regional state are being rejected by political agents of the governing TPLF/EPRDF Party. The renewed violence by government forces against Oromo nationals started particularly following what was termed as “Lenjii Siyaasaa” (literally meaning “political training) that has targeted Oromo Students of higher educational institutions and has been going on in the past two weeks in different parts of Oromia.

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Naqamte: Diddaan Barattootaa Itti Fufe. Mootummaan Barataa 1 Ajjeesee, 800+ Ukkaamse

Posted 8/27/2014
















Madda: QBO, 27 Hagayyaa, 2014

Mootummaan leenjii siyaasaaf jecha barattoota godinoota 4, Wallagga: Bahaa, Dhihaa, Horroo Guduruu fi Qeellam irraa Yuniversiti wallaggaa, Naqamteetti waliti qabee ture.

Barattootni fi dabballootni osoo walii hin galiin waraanaan tikfamaa haga gaafa Hagayyaa 26, 2014tti wal-atakaraa turani.

Gaafa Hagayyaa 26, 2014 irraa kaasee garuu barattooni leenjii mootumaa didani, gaaffiin keenya hanga nuuf deebi'utti jechuun. Halkansaa waraannii addaa, Agaazii, mooraa fi bakka ciisaa barattootaa seenee dhukaasa bane. Barattootnis gamtaan dhaadhannoo fi sirba warraaqsaa dhageessisaa bulani.

Waraanni meeshaan, barattootni dhagaan wal-lolaa bulani, Naqamteenis mooraa waraanaa fakkaatteetti, akka gabaasa Qeerroo Bilisumaa Oromoo fi maddeen garagaraatti.

 Mootumaan barataa Oromoo 1 rasaasaan ajjeesee, barattoota 800 caalan ukkaamsee bakkii fi halli isaan keessa jiran hin beekamne. 

"ABO"n Kaayyoo Uummata Oromoo Malee, Hayyama Daldalaa Miti!

Posted 8/27/2014

SEENAA Y.G (2005) tiin, 26-08-2014

Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo  bu’aa ba’ii Ulfaataa fi Daandii dheeraa keessa dabree har’a ga’uuf, Wareegama Ilmaan Oromoo qaqqaalii nu gaafateera. Wareegamni qaqqaaliin kafalaman, har’a ga’uu “ABO” kan nuuf mirkaneessu qofa osoo hin taanee, Kaayyoo isaa akka galmaan ga’u illee nu dhugeessa. Har’a seenaa ABOn keessa dabree hundeessitootaa fi warra lubbuu fi jireenya isaanii wareeganii isa jiraachisan irraa kan gaafannu hin qabnu. Seenaa fi Kaayyoon ABO yoo xiqqaate dhaloota sadii keessa jiraachuun hin shakkisiisu. 

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Ambo: Barattootni Leenjii Siyaasaaf Waamaman gaaffii Mirga Sabaa kaasani

Posted 8/21/2014

Barattootni godina Shawaa-dhifaa fi Hororo-Guruu Wallaggaarraa leenjii Siyaasaaf Yuniversitii Ambootti waamaman kan dursu gaafii mirgaa ti jedhani.

Barattooni kunneen gaafa Hagayya 20, 2014 magaalaa Amboo keessa naannahuun Oromoo hidhuu, ajjeesuu fi saamuun haadhaabbatu! Barattootni hidhaman haa hiimakani, Oromoon abbaa biyyaa tahee osoo jiruu halagaan dhiitamuun haa dhaabbatuu fi kan biroo dhaadhannoo dhageessisaa oolani. 

FDG marsaa 2ffaaf dhohe kana uummanni magaala Amboo deeggareera jedhu maddeen ijaan argan.

Barattootni kunneen mootummaan leenjii siyaasaa jedhee aanota godina Sh/Dhihaa fi godina H/G/W, aanaa Jimmaa Raaree fi Guduruutii kan walitti qabe ture.

Magaalaan Amboo waraanaa fi humna tikaan muddamtee jirti. Hanga ammaatti miidha fi hdihaan jiraachuu nu hin geenye.

Guyyaa 1tti Shawaa Bakka 3tti konkolaataan Garagale, Barattootni Oromoo madaahani

Posted 8/21/2014

Leenjii siyaasaa mootummaanf gara yuniversitiilee sadiitti geeffamaa kan turan barttoonni Oromoo  Roobii madaahani. Sababiinsaas konkolaataan isaan fe'ee deemu garagaleetu.

Godina shawaa-dhihaa, Amboo fi naannoosheetii humnaan fe'amanii leenjiif gara Jimmaa kan deemaa turan barattooni, gaafa 20 Hagayyaa, 2014 konkolaatan Walisootti garagalee ijoolleen 20 madaahan mana yaalaa Walisoo seenani.

Gindabarat irraammoo gara Ambootti barattoota fe'anii kan deemaa turan konkolataan lama garagalanii ijoolleen akka jiranitti madaahaniiru, maddi keenya akka jedhetti. Bakkisaa fi namni meeqa akka madaahan nu geenye.

Shawaa-kaabaatii barattoota fe'ee gara Adaamaatti kan deemu immoo Cancootti garagalle,

miidhaan gahe hin beekamne. 

Yuniversitii Wallaggaa: Leenjiin barattootaa osoo hin eegaliin fashale

Posted 8/21/2014

Leenjii siyaasaaf gara Yunversitii Wallaggaa kan seenan barattoonni Oromoo dabballoota waliin walii-galuu dadhabani. Gaaffii barattootni kaasaniif dabballoonni deebisuu hin dandeenyu jennaan, kan humna hin qabne waliin hin marihannu jechuu galma leenjii dhiisanaii bahani, Naqamtetti.

    Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa

Barattootni Yunversitii Wallaagaa Naqamatetti wal-gahan, 'yoroo boqonnaa fi tibba itti maatii kenya gargaarrutti waan nu waamtraniif, dursa durgoon yoo nuuf kenname malee wal-gahii hin teenyu"jdhani. Dabballoonni Dh. D.U.O. immoo kana gochuuf humnasaa hin qabnu jennaan barattootni kan kana gochuu hin dandeenye waliin marihachuu hin daneenyu jechuun dhiisanii yaa'ani jedhe maddi Simbirtuu.

Damee Gimbiittis gaaffiin wal-fakkaataan kaée, dabballoonni tole ni kafallaa jedhanii qaboo leenjii isaanii wayita beeksisan barattootni Oromoos "dhimmii kaartaa magaalaa Finfinnee nuuf qabamee irratti akka marihannu feena"jedhanii qaboo dhiheeffatani. Dabballoonni kana gochuu hin dandeenyu jennaan walii-galteen dhibe. Hanga gaafa 20-08-2014tti leenjiin hin eegalle, akka madda keenya keessaatti. 

Egypt announces 'new vision' for Ethiopia's dam

Posted 8/19/2014

Egypt's Irrigation Minister Hossam El-Moghazi told privately owned Mehwar channel that Egypt has a new "vision" regarding Ethiopia's planned Grand Renaissance Dam ahead of another round of talks in the Sudanese capital.

In a phone interview, El-Moghazi said the Egyptian delegation will head to Khartoum on 24 August for two days of discussions.

"Egypt has a new vision, that will not affect Egypt's water share, and we are expecting that the other party responds to it," said El-Moghazi.

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Ethiopian athletes planned to seek asylum

Posted 8/19/2014

Source: The Associated Press, 18-08-2014

EUGENE — One of four Ethiopian athletes who went missing during an international track meet in Eugene told a police officer all of them plan to seek asylum in the United States, according to a newly released University of Oregon police report.

Amanuel Abebe, 17, told the police officer that he and three others on the Ethiopian track team, who are 18, planned to apply for asylum at a U.S. immigration office in Portland on July 28, The Register-Guard reported Sunday.

The runners were reported missing from the World Junior Championships in Eugene over the July 26-27 weekend, fueling some speculation at the time that they were planning to seek political asylum in the U.S.

Three of the athletes were found with acquaintances in Beaverton.

The fourth, Zeyituna Mohammed, was found with acquaintances in Federal Way, Washington.

Mohammed, 18, told a local police officer through an interpreter that she may seek asylum. Ethiopia has seen significant political turmoil and human rights abuses in recent years, and Mohammed said she is afraid to return there, the newspaper reported.

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The Oromo Struggle: A generation, Fearless of Death and Detention, will Crumple Mountains

Posted 8/19/2014

By Firehiwot Guluma Tezera, source: gadaa.com, 17-08-14

Firehiwot Guluma Tezera

    Firehiwot Guluma tezera

There is an Ethiopian saying, “one would lose what one has in the hand while reaching for more from the upper shelf.” While this selfish individual tries to get hold of more, what one has already have will be scattered all over the place. Lately, in the Habesha camp, fear has spread, and uneasiness has increased likewise.

Soothing, warnings, rebuking, and many others had been tried. Unfortunately, they try to tell us that the source of their problem is the national struggle of the Oromo people. In reality, the aim and goal of the struggle of the Oromo people is to get rid of authoritarian rulers, and thus, to achieve the right to self-determination for the Oromo people – based on international regulations and laws.

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Adaamaa: KGG Dh.D.U.O. Qorannoon Wal-muddeera. Miseensummaa kan Mulqamanis Jiru.

Posted 8/16/2014


          Faajjii Dh.D.U.O

Dirqama ADWUIn dabarseen Biaden Amahaaraa fi OPDOn wal-duraa duubaan obbo Dammaqaa Mekonnin fi obbo Muktar Kadiriin Bahirdaarii fi Adaamaatti qoratamaa jiru.

Maddeen Simbirtuu Adaamaa akka jettutti, torbee tokkoof qorannoorra kan turan koreen giddu-gala (KGG) Dh.D.U.O. wal-jeeqaa jiru.

Qorannoo sana irratti ati ABO dha, FDG Ebla ka'e keessaa harka qabdaa fi dhimma Master Plan FF ni mormita waliin jechaa bahani.

Adda addummaan isaan jiduu jirus bifa garee kan qabuu fi daranuu hammaachaa jira. Dabballoonni godinaalee gaaffiilee sabboonummaa fi mirga saba Oromoo tiksu ciminaan kaasaa jiru jedha maddi kuni.

 Qorannicha kan hoogganan obbo Murtar Kadir, bu'aa hojii dabballoota isaanii qabxii A, B,C,D jechuun kennaniiru. Ulaagaan qabxii kanaas amanamummaa fi ilaalcha dhiphummaaraa fagaachuu kan jedhu ture.

Ilaalcha ABo qabduu fi mormii plan magaala FFn wal-qabatee ka'e irratti waan gaha ahin dalagne jedhamani obbo Geetaachoo Olii fi obbo Abdoo kan jedhamn miseensummaa dhaaba isaanii haqameera. Obbo Geetachoon humna tikaa keessa turani.

 Jeequmsii fi adda addummaan cimnaan qorannoon suni osoo hin xumuramiin bakka wal-gahii gara Shaashaa manneetti jijjirratani. 

Oromo Athletes Won the Sovereign Rother Fair Run in Germany

Posted 8/16/2014

Source:http://www.Ayyaantuu.com , 13 August, 2014

Oromo Athletes performed superb in Roth, Bayern, Germany on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Athlete Tulu Wodajo Addisu, with OLF flag on his shirt (214), finished first, while Etana Getachew finished second and Badhane Gamachu fourth.

 What is the competition doing? Joseph Katib (number 208) risked shortly after starting a glance over at Tulu Wodajo Addisu (214) of the then but quickly settles from the field.


What is the competition doing? Joseph Katib (number 208) risked shortly after starting a glance over at Tulu Wodajo Addisu (214) of the then but quickly settles from the field.

 What is the competition doing? Joseph Katib (number 208) risked shortly after starting a glance over at Tulu Wodajo Addisu (214) of the then but quickly settles from the field.

Washington DC: the Oromo demonstrate against the Ethiopian govt's humanrights violation

Posted 8/10/2014

Prof. Asmerom Legesse talks about "Gadaa & Beyond": significances of the Gadaa System for future Oromia Republic in the Horn of Africa

Posted 8/9/2014

Part 1                                                                                    part 2

Oromticha: Tasfaye Gebreab ni Dubbate

Posted 8/5/2014

Frankfurt: Hawaasni Oromoo Biyoota Europe Garagaraa keessaa, QBO fi ABO Daranuu ni Cimsina Jedhani

Posted 8/4/2014

Oromootni Europe keessa jiraatan gaafa 1 Hagayya, 2014 ummanni Oromoon Itoophiyaatiin koloneeffatameerra, nuti Habshaas miti jedhani.

Gabrummaa jalaa bahuufis ABO fi WBO cinaa dhaabbachuun qabsoo bilisumaa Oromoo waan danda'aniin timmisuuf walii galani.

             Wal-gahii hawaasa Oromoo Europe, Germany, Frankfurt, 01 Hagayya, 2014

Wal-gahii Frankfurt sana irratti dhimmootni hedduu barumsii kennameera.

Obbo Bakar Yusuuf maata-duree "QOODA OROMOOTA BIYYA AMBAA" jedhu keessati, Oromotni biyya ambaa jiran "Oromoota biyya keessatti mootummaa gabrooffataa Itoophiyaa dhufaa dabraatiin, dabaree ajjeefamaa, hidhamaa fi lafti irraa samamaa yoona gaheef, bakka jirutti sagalee dhageessisuu fi ambaasaddara ta'uutu irraa eegama" jedhani.

Dr. Alamaayyoo Kumsaa, saammicha lafaa Oromoo irratti qorannoo dhiheessaniin, imaammatni gurgurtaa laafaa Itoophiyaa, imaammata lafa uummata qawween bitamaa jiruu saamuu ti jedhani. Addattimmoo lafa Oromo fi saboota cunqurfamoo impaayeritti keessaa saamuun hiyyoomsee, lafarraa buqqisaa fi naannoo faalessaa jira jedhani. Kan itti duroomaa jirus warra Tigraayii fi sooressoota ambaa ti jedhani.

Dr. Gizaachoo Teessoo, sagantaa Pilaanii qindaawaa magaalaa FF fi naannoo ishee irratti barumsa kennani. Dr Gizachoon kaartaan haaraa suni akka mootumaan jedhutti misooma kan fidu osoo hin taane Oromoota naannoo kan hiyyoomsee lafarraa buqqisu, seenaa, aadaa, dudhaa, safuu, amantaa fi hambaa Oromoo kan baleessee  halagaa duroomsu dha jedhani.

Dura taa'aan hawaasa Oromoo Frankfurt Dr. Tarrafaa G/tsadiqi, karaa ABO cimee galiin qabsoo bilisummaa Oromo galma gahuu dandahurratti yaada kennaniiru. kana malees hawaasni isaani QBO fi Oromoota biyya keessaa rakkachaa jiran cinaa dhaabbachuuf tattaaffi gochaa jiru ibsani.

Hiraarsa mana hidhaa Impaayera Itoophiya akeessatti Oromoorra gahuu fi FDG qeerroon deemaa jiru irratti Caalaa Haayiluu fi Guddataa Shuubeetiin wal-duraa duubaan hirmaattotaaf ibsi kennameera.

Qooda dubartootnii fi shammarreen Oromoo QBO keessatti qaban guddaa ta'uu isaa aadde Ilillii fi Falmattuun bifa hirmmaattota onnachiisuun ibsa kennani.

Dhumarratti haala yoroo fi adeemsa QBO irratti miseensi KHR-ABO, Dr. Dagafaa Abdiisaatiin ibsi erga kennamee booda marii, yaadaa fi gaaffiin hirmmaattotaatiin itti fufe.

Haga barii sa'aa 06tti weellisaa Haayiluu Kitaabaa uummata bohaarssaa bule. Lakkofsi Oromoota biyyaa Germany, Sweeden, Norwey, UK, Netherlands, fi Switzerland irra qooda fudhatanii hedduu dha. Harki caalaan hirmaattotaa dargaggoota yoroo ta'an, onnee guutuun irraa qooda fudhachaa fi ijaaramuun gara QBO itti makamuu akka fehan ibsachaa turani.

Macha-Tulama 50th Anniversary

Posted 7/30/2014


Deportation and Death in the Dhidheessa Concentration Camp

Posted 7/30/2014

The Name of the Abominable Crime is Politicide

The Mass Massacre & Imprisonment of ORA Orphans – Wallaga 1992-93

By Mekuria Bulcha, 27July, 2014

Part two


In the first part of this article, published on this website on June 22, 2014 under the title “The Name of the Abominable Crime is Politicide: The Mass Massacre and Imprisonment of ORA Orphans – Wallaga 1992-93,” I described the humanitarian activities of the Oromo Relief Association (ORA) among Oromo refugees in the Sudan in the 1980s and discussed the repatriation of some 1700 orphans, who were taken care of by the association, to Oromia in 1992. As I mentioned in the article, the initial TPLF onslaughts on the fleeing ORA children and their guardians took about three months. The different sources that I consulted indicated that between 170 and 200 children were hunted down and killed or drowned in flight. In addition, an unknown number of their guardians—as well as inhabitants of the districts through which they passed who helped during their flight—were killed during the onslaught. At the start of the onslaught about 300 children were captured and sent to the Dhidheessa concentration camp.

Deportation, torture, and political indoctrination

As mentioned before, most of the children were either placed in the care of the people or were sent away to look for relatives before their teachers and caretakers scattered to hide or flee back to the Sudan to seek refuge. However, the TPLF search for ORA children continued for more than a year after the initial onslaught came to an end.  Apparently, many of the children who escaped the TPLF-forces’ bullets, and who were not arrested during the onslaught were traced, arrested and sent to jail. One of the survivors H.S. (who lives in a country neighboring with Ethiopia) told me:

I was about eight [years] old when the TPLF attacked us. I fled with the other children and adults in our camp.  After sometime, we smaller children, who were unable to keep pace with the rest in the flight, were given to families in different villages along the route. I was placed with a family in a village called Gaara Arbaa. Two of my shelter mates, Kuusaa and Dingata, were also placed in the neighborhood in the same village. However, after a few weeks, the TPLF found and captured us and took us first to Begi town and then to the Dhidheessa prison camp.

Consequently, the number of the ORA children who ended up in the TPLF jails and died whilst kept captive remains unknown. The limited information I could gather confirms that, generally, the children were treated with cruelty in the concentration camp.  In his letter to ORA (see the first part of the article), Raagaa mentions the names of some of the friends he left behind in the Dhidheessa concentration camp grieving that,

The fate of those children mentioned in this note, many hundreds of them, is that they were accused by the TPLF that they were brought up by the OLF and as such need to go through “re-education programs” of the TPLF. Can anybody imagine the children would fight the EPRDF/TPLF back? The truth is the children did not understand anything about the war.

Concerning the TPLF “re-education program,” another informant has also reported that “frequently the children are asked about their attitude towards the EPRDF” and that their “hands are fettered behind their backs” during the interrogations and that “the children’s skin was cut and wounded around their wrists from the rope” with which they were tied. To change their “political attitude,” the TPLF forced the children to participate in a “political education.” The OLF was demonized and the participants (prisoners) were instructed about the “crimes it had committed” and were made to shout anti-OLF slogans at the top of their voices.

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Washington DC: Hunger Strike Against the Killings of the Oromo Nation in the Ethiopian Empire

Posted 7/23/2014

The Oromos  in the Washington DC are on hunger strike against the killings and mass arrest of Oromo students in the Ethiopian empire.


                     Oromos protesting Ethiopian government    

The western backed dictatorship in Ethiopian has been killing, prisoning, torturing and forcing to flee the Oromos. More importantly the largest ethnic group is jeopardized from exercising its socio-economic, political and ecological affairs in its homeland, Oromia.

In May 2014, protesting the so called INTEGRATED ADDIS ABABA MASTER PLAN  thousands of Oromo students have taken the stage peacefully through out Oromia; however, hundreds have been killed  by live ammunition.  Eventually tens of thousands arrested, many disappeared and fled.  Moreover, significant number of students dismissed from schooling and denied the graduation. Due to these injustice and subjugation, the Oromos in the Washington DC are on hunger strike for 72 hours, 23-25 August, 2014.

Oromiyaa: Reeffi Oromoota Hammaarreessaatti Awwaalame akka bahu Bulchiinsi Hararii Gaafate

Posted 7/23/2014

       Magaalaa Harar, Madda: Internet

Reeffi Oromoota Mootummaa Dargii Fi ADWUI  takkaahuu TPLFn ajjeefamanii bakka Hammaarreessaa jedhamutti jumlaan awwaalamee jiru akka bahee bakka biraatti awwaalamu gaafatame.

 Bulchiinsi naannoo Hararii ifatti  gaaffii kana dhiheessus, sababiinsaa reeffii suni kabajaan bakka malutti haa awwaalamu jedhamee yaaduun yookaanimmoo lafa keenyarraa kaasaa jechuuf akka tahe ifatti hin beekamne.

 Haa ta'uutii, gaaffii raaffa asii baasaa dhihaate sana, Dh D U O harkatti dideera. Sababiin OPDOn kennes reeffa kana yoo baafne uummata Oromoo fincilaaf nurratti kakkaasa kan jedhu dha jedhame.

 Haa ta'uutii, warri Hararii gaaffichatti cichinaan, bulchiinsa godina Harargee-Bahaa wajjin tahanii xumura akka itti godhan jechuun adda galame jedhe maddi Simbirtuu.

Dhiheenya kana Hammaarressaatti, lafti abbaa qabeenyaa Turkiif kenname wayita qotamu jumlaan reeffi Oromoota ajjeeffamnii hedduun argamuun kan yaadatamu dha.

Maddeen gara gara akka jedhanitti Oromoonni ajjeefaman kuni gariin "warra biya Somalia keessattii qabamanii Dargiin deebisee hidhaa tursee gaafa kufuuf jedhu ajjeesee bade" fi  "miseensota ABO" ti jedhamnaii yoroo gara garaa hidhamni mootummaan amma jiru-TPLFn achitti isaan ajjeese dha jedhu.

Reeffa sanaa fi eenyummaa warra du'anii irratti qaama OPDOs ta'e EPRDF irraa hanga ammaatti waan dhagaahame hin jiru.

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