Deportation ana Death in the Dhidheessa Concentration Camp

Posted 7/30/2014

The Name of the Abominable Crime is Politicide

The Mass Massacre & Imprisonment of ORA Orphans – Wallaga 1992-93

By Mekuria Bulcha, 27July, 2014

Part two


In the first part of this article, published on this website on June 22, 2014 under the title “The Name of the Abominable Crime is Politicide: The Mass Massacre and Imprisonment of ORA Orphans – Wallaga 1992-93,” I described the humanitarian activities of the Oromo Relief Association (ORA) among Oromo refugees in the Sudan in the 1980s and discussed the repatriation of some 1700 orphans, who were taken care of by the association, to Oromia in 1992. As I mentioned in the article, the initial TPLF onslaughts on the fleeing ORA children and their guardians took about three months. The different sources that I consulted indicated that between 170 and 200 children were hunted down and killed or drowned in flight. In addition, an unknown number of their guardians—as well as inhabitants of the districts through which they passed who helped during their flight—were killed during the onslaught. At the start of the onslaught about 300 children were captured and sent to the Dhidheessa concentration camp.

Deportation, torture, and political indoctrination

As mentioned before, most of the children were either placed in the care of the people or were sent away to look for relatives before their teachers and caretakers scattered to hide or flee back to the Sudan to seek refuge. However, the TPLF search for ORA children continued for more than a year after the initial onslaught came to an end.  Apparently, many of the children who escaped the TPLF-forces’ bullets, and who were not arrested during the onslaught were traced, arrested and sent to jail. One of the survivors H.S. (who lives in a country neighboring with Ethiopia) told me:

I was about eight [years] old when the TPLF attacked us. I fled with the other children and adults in our camp.  After sometime, we smaller children, who were unable to keep pace with the rest in the flight, were given to families in different villages along the route. I was placed with a family in a village called Gaara Arbaa. Two of my shelter mates, Kuusaa and Dingata, were also placed in the neighborhood in the same village. However, after a few weeks, the TPLF found and captured us and took us first to Begi town and then to the Dhidheessa prison camp.

Consequently, the number of the ORA children who ended up in the TPLF jails and died whilst kept captive remains unknown. The limited information I could gather confirms that, generally, the children were treated with cruelty in the concentration camp.  In his letter to ORA (see the first part of the article), Raagaa mentions the names of some of the friends he left behind in the Dhidheessa concentration camp grieving that,

The fate of those children mentioned in this note, many hundreds of them, is that they were accused by the TPLF that they were brought up by the OLF and as such need to go through “re-education programs” of the TPLF. Can anybody imagine the children would fight the EPRDF/TPLF back? The truth is the children did not understand anything about the war.

Concerning the TPLF “re-education program,” another informant has also reported that “frequently the children are asked about their attitude towards the EPRDF” and that their “hands are fettered behind their backs” during the interrogations and that “the children’s skin was cut and wounded around their wrists from the rope” with which they were tied. To change their “political attitude,” the TPLF forced the children to participate in a “political education.” The OLF was demonized and the participants (prisoners) were instructed about the “crimes it had committed” and were made to shout anti-OLF slogans at the top of their voices.

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Washington DC: Hunger Strike Against the Killings of the Oromo Nation in the Ethiopian Empire

Posted 7/23/2014

The Oromos  in the Washington DC are on hunger strike against the killings and mass arrest of Oromo students in the Ethiopian empire.


                     Oromos protesting Ethiopian government    

The western backed dictatorship in Ethiopian has been killing, prisoning, torturing and forcing to flee the Oromos. More importantly the largest ethnic group is jeopardized from exercising its socio-economic, political and ecological affairs in its homeland, Oromia.

In May 2014, protesting the so called INTEGRATED ADDIS ABABA MASTER PLAN  thousands of Oromo students have taken the stage peacefully through out Oromia; however, hundreds have been killed  by live ammunition.  Eventually tens of thousands arrested, many disappeared and fled.  Moreover, significant number of students dismissed from schooling and denied the graduation. Due to these injustice and subjugation, the Oromos in the Washington DC are on hunger strike for 72 hours, 23-25 August, 2014.

Oromiyaa: Reeffi Oromoota Hammaarreessaatti Awwaalame akka bahu Bulchiinsi Hararii Gaafate

Posted 7/23/2014

       Magaalaa Harar, Madda: Internet

Reeffi Oromoota Mootummaa Dargii Fi ADWUI  takkaahuu TPLFn ajjeefamanii bakka Hammaarreessaa jedhamutti jumlaan awwaalamee jiru akka bahee bakka biraatti awwaalamu gaafatame.

 Bulchiinsi naannoo Hararii ifatti  gaaffii kana dhiheessus, sababiinsaa reeffii suni kabajaan bakka malutti haa awwaalamu jedhamee yaaduun yookaanimmoo lafa keenyarraa kaasaa jechuuf akka tahe ifatti hin beekamne.

 Haa ta'uutii, gaaffii raaffa asii baasaa dhihaate sana, Dh D U O harkatti dideera. Sababiin OPDOn kennes reeffa kana yoo baafne uummata Oromoo fincilaaf nurratti kakkaasa kan jedhu dha jedhame.

 Haa ta'uutii, warri Hararii gaaffichatti cichinaan, bulchiinsa godina Harargee-Bahaa wajjin tahanii xumura akka itti godhan jechuun adda galame jedhe maddi Simbirtuu.

Dhiheenya kana Hammaarressaatti, lafti abbaa qabeenyaa Turkiif kenname wayita qotamu jumlaan reeffi Oromoota ajjeeffamnii hedduun argamuun kan yaadatamu dha.

Maddeen gara gara akka jedhanitti Oromoonni ajjeefaman kuni gariin "warra biya Somalia keessattii qabamanii Dargiin deebisee hidhaa tursee gaafa kufuuf jedhu ajjeesee bade" fi  "miseensota ABO" ti jedhamnaii yoroo gara garaa hidhamni mootummaan amma jiru-TPLFn achitti isaan ajjeese dha jedhu.

Reeffa sanaa fi eenyummaa warra du'anii irratti qaama OPDOs ta'e EPRDF irraa hanga ammaatti waan dhagaahame hin jiru.

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Oromiyaa-Ambo: Hidhamtoota Siyaasaaf Mirga Wabii Manni Murtii Murteesseef, Poolisii fi Dabballootnii Dhorkatani

Posted 7/23/2014

Qeerroo Bilisummaatiin, 18-07-2014

Manni murtii waliigala Oromiyaa ol-iyyaannoo Oromoota mana hidhaa Amboo keessatti hidhamanii ilaaluun mirgii wabii isaanii qarshii 1000′n akka eegamuuf kan murteesse humni Poolisa fi loltoota Wayyaanee guutummaatti dura dhaabbachuun murtii dhadacha Oromiyaa fashalsuun Oromoota hidhaatti deebise. 

Manni Murtii Waliigala Oromiyaa ol iyyaannoo Oromoota mana hidhaa Amboo keessatti hidhamanii ilaaluun, mirgii wabii isaanii qarshii 1000′n akka eegamuuf muteessuullee Mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee humna waraanaa fi qawweetti amanaa jiru, Murtii manni murtii waliigala Oromiyaa murtees hin fudhadhu jechuun ilmaan Oromoo akka hidhaa irra hin gadhiifamne humna loltuu, tikaa fi poolisa of harkaa qabuun dura dhaabbachaa jira.‏

Sochii FDG Oromiyaa keessatti gaggeeffamaa jiruun wal-qabatee FDG karaa nagaa uummaatni Oromoo Godina Lixa Shawaa diddaa sirna abbaa irree irratti gaggeessa jiru jabeessuun mootummaan faashistii Wayyaanee nu hin bulchu jechuun karaa nagaa uummata sagalee diddaa dhageesisaa jiru irratti mootummaan Wayyaanee baatii Eblaa irraa eegaluun hanga ammaatti uummata Oromoo hidhuu, ajjeessuu, ukkamsuun gara dabarsuu, madeessuu fi gochaa diinummaa uummata Oromoof qabu mul’isuuf jecha jiraachun beekamadha. Ilmaan Oromoo badii tokko malee jumlaan ukkanfamanii mana hidhaa wayyaanee Magaalaa Amboo fi naannoo isheetti argamanitti galfamani utuu mana murtiitti illee hin dhiyaatiin dararama kan jiran ta’uun ibsamera.

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OLF & SLF Joint Statement: Instigating Violence Between the Two Cousins Never Stops Us From Marching to Our Goal

Posted 7/23/2014

Joint Statement By the OLF & SLF, 20 July 2014



By Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) & Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)

Time and again, we all have witnessed the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) led dictatorial regime of Ethiopia deliberately masterminding various forms of atrocities in order to remain in power. The regime uses its organized agents  to deliberately instigate violence between the various oppressed nations in the country. Although the ‘divide-and-rule’ tactics have been adopted by all oppressive rulers all over the globe, the tactics of the current regime in Ethiopia differ in one key aspect. They are aimed at driving a wedge between the most closely related peoples and communities. The regime has done this between the two Kush cousins, the Oromo and the Sidama people, time and again seriously undermining their basic human dignities and democratic rights.

The Oromo and the Sidama people are culturally, ethno-linguistically, socially, geo-politically & morally intertwined nations. The two largest Kush cousins also share similar ancestral origins and large expanse of territorial boundaries. The alliance between these two sisterly nations is founded on historical roots, therefore, it is unshakable. Moreover, the Oromo and the Sidama nations are fundamentally democratic and egalitarianism societies, and govern their respective nations by using their traditional democraticGadaa and Luwa systems, respectively. Both nations use the aforementioned noble socio-cultural and politico-economic heritages as the pillars of genuine democracy, just and fairness.

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Benishangul: Ethiopia is a Threat to the Peace and Stability of The Horn of Africa

Posted 7/23/2014

By Ahmed Abdi,  via, 22-07-14

Ethiopia has been a threat to the peace and stability of the Horn of Africa , the north of Africa as well as Nilotic peoples since the creation of this strange nation of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) .


The nations of the Horn of Africa have been facing maltreatment from the successive fake regimes of Abyssinia that have been exercising a policy based on bloody-wars- the same war that the merciless TPLF-junta came to power in 1991.

Abyssinia (Ethiopia) availed the competitions between European colonial powers in the black Continent,Africa. Specially the rivals of France and Italy that had been competing against each other to gain Ethiopia as their main outsourcing or to find a place for marketing for their goods; therefore, Menelik II received enormous support from Italy’s rival, France.

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Posted 7/21/2014

Qajeelcha Bultoo tiin, via, 20-07-14




Dalagni cuftuu fedhii fi dandeettii of-danda’e gaafta. Martinuu naamusaa ogummaa, seeraa fi akkaataa itti hojjetamuun masakama.

Namni tokko tahuu kan hawwuu fi dandeettii inni qabu wal-simatuu fi dhiisuu dandaha. Kanneen akkuma hawwanitti dalaga fedhan argatanii beekaman hedduutu jiru. Faallasaatiin, fedhiin jiraatullee dandeettii fi haaalli mijatuu dhabuun bakka yaadame kan hanaqatanis hedduu dha.

Ogummaan gaazexeessuumaas akkuma warreen kaanii fedhii(kaka’umsa), dandeettii, murannoo, seera, naamusa, beekumsa, fi hubannoo ogummaa sanaa sirriitti qabaachuu, guddifachuu akkasumas ittiin masakamu fi dalagarra oolchuu gaafata.

Kana jechuun, namni marti lafaa kahee gaazexessummaa tahuu hin dandahu jechuu dha. Kana jechuun, namni sabaa himaa irra dalaghu cufti maqaa sana himatellee, gaazexessaa tahuu hin dandahu. Namni marti loltuu  fi weellisaa akkuma hin taane jechuu dha.


Ogummaa gaazexeessitoota Oormoo biyya keessaa kana keessatti ilaaluu hin feene. Sababiin isaas mootummaan akka fedheetti isaan ajajee waan dalaganiif , walaba tahanii hojjechuu hin dadahani. Kunimmoo isaan madaaluuf naa rakkisa. Dalagni isanaii akka walii galaattii arrabaa fi ija mootummaa ti. Warri biyya ambaa jiran garuu walabummaa yaadaa fi hojii waan qabanaiif hojii isaanii ija ogummaatiin gilgalamuu dandahu jedheeni waanan amaneefi.

Gaazexeessitoota Oromoo biyya alaa jiran, mee yoroof kan VOA-Afaan Oromoo dhiifnee, warri kaan hedduun, hedduun ogummaa gaazexeessummaa hin qabani yoo jenne dhugaarraa fagoo nutti hin fakkaatu.

Akkaataa saganataa fi oduu ittti dhiheessan, gaafii fi deebii taasisan, sirba affeeraanii fi bakkatti kutan, akka qophii tokkotti seenanii fi bahan, qabiyyeesaa, yoroosaa, jechoota itti fayyadaman, sirobboota affeeranii fi qabiyyee sagantaa dhiheessan wal-simachiisuu, seera ogummaan suni gaafatu qabaachuu, waanta jedhamuu fi hin jedhamne adda baasuu, sagalee fi fuula radio fi TVf tahu qabaachuu/dhiisuu, kkf hedduu hedduu tarreessuun ni dandahama. Ija kanaan yoo gaazexeessota Oromo madaalle hedduun isanaii hin jirani.

Muraasa irraa kan hafe warri gaazexessa jedhaman waan ogummaa gaazexeessummaa kan hubatan hin fakkaatu.

Fedhiin yoo jiraatellee xiqqaate leenjii bu’uuraa fudhachuu feesisa. Lafumaa ka’anii kan radio fi TV itti bahamu yoo tahe bu’aa isaarraa mudaasaatu caaluu mala.


Akkaataa gaazexeessitooni Oromoo irra caalaan itti dalagan hedduusaatti gammadaa hin turre. Sababiinsaas, qulqullina ogumaa fi beekumsa ogummaan suni gaafatu waan isaan hanaqatuufi malee jibbarraa kahuun miti.

Amma akkan kana barreesu na kakaase garuu, dhiheenya kana OMN fi namni Kadiro Elemoo jedhamu obbo Dawud Ibsaa waliin gaafii-deebii godhani dha.

Qeeqa kanarraa tarii waa baratamuun danda’u tarii yoo jiraateef jedheeni. Dabalataanis, yaada keessa kiyyaa gad-baasee ibsachuufi.

Yaada ani kennu kuni quuqama Oromummaa fi fooyyahina median Oromoo qabaachuu qaburraa ka’ee qofaa dha. Dhaaba kamuu deeggaree fi nama kamuu jibbuun kan barreeffame akka hin taane naaf haa hubatamu.

Kanaraa ka’uun ciminaa fi dhadhabina OMN fi Kadiroo Elemoo gaafii-deebii obbo Dawud Ibsaa waliin taasisan keessaa toko tokko kaasuuf yaala.


1. Yaadonnii ka’an yookaan gaafataman duukaa-duubbee (sequencial) qabaachuusaa;

2. Dursee waan gaafatuuf odeeffannoo walitti qabachuuf yaaluu;

3. Yaadota hedduu tutuquuf yaaluu fi

4. Obbo Dawud Ibsaa obsaa qabaachuu fi deebi’ii namaaf galu kennuu.


1. OMN obbo Dawudii fi dowwattoota isaaf kabaja hin kennine: Media biraa yoo ilaaltan eenyummaa keessumaa isaanii  suurraasaa jalatti aangoo ykn qooda hojiisaa waliin barreessu. Kana gochuun keessumaa sana kabajee, daawwattooni dubbisuu malee dhagahuu hin dandeenye dubbisanii keessumaa sana beekuu dadahu. OMN kanaa gochuu dhiisuun kabaja dhorkateera;

2. Ifirratti amantee dhabuu: wayita gaafatu obbo Dawudiin takka “sii” jedha, takkammoo “ Isin” jedha. Kuni aadaa dha akka hin jenne, bifuma wal-fakkaatuun xumuruu qaba ture. Waanta lamatu wal-jalaa dhahe natti fakkaata, addaa fi kan sammuu dhaa qabu, namootni waa’ee obbo Dawud isatti himanii fi jedhaniin sammuunsaa guutamee waan jedhuunii wal-jalaa rukte natti fakkaata;

3. Gaaffiin dhihaate iftoomaa dhabuu: gaaffileen gariin ifa tahuu hanaqachuurraa obbo Dawud maal jette? Mee irra deebi’ i? Akka ati jette miti, Kkf wayita jedhan mul’ataa ture;

4. Gaaffii fi yaada adda baafachuu dadhabuu: Gaaffi jedhee yoroo waan tokkorratti dursee murtoo kennee, ibsas kennu mul’ataa ture. Boodarara gaafata. Kunimmoo ogummaa dhabuu fi wallaalummaa dalaga sanaraa madda,

5. Gaaffiin dheerachuu: gaaffiin dhihaate hedduunsaa dheeraa dha (gaafiin gabaabaa fi ifa hin turre);

6. Duraandursamee dhugaa fi dhara wal-makuu: Gaafii fi yaada obbo Dawudiif osoo hin dhiheessiine duraan dursamee dhugaa tahuu fi haala qabatamaa baruuf kan yaalame hin turre. Fknf, ABO-Shanee fi ABO-QC kora 2004 booda adda bahani jedhe ee gaafate. “ namni isinii fi jaallan keessan birii summii isin nyaachise fira keessani” jedhee gaafate. Kuni lamaanuu dhugaa fi soba ta’uu dursee qulqulleeffachuu qaba ture. Maaliifi ergaa inni dabarsutu miidhaa qaba;

7. Obbo Dawud Ibsaaf kabaja hin kennine: Obbo Dawud Ibsaa HD-ABO fi bakka bu’uu uummata kanaa ti (ABO Oromoof waan bakka bu’ee falmaa jiruuf). Biyya dhabneef malee prezideenti ykn muummicha ministeeraa Oromoo ture. Wayita gaafatu jechoota fayyadamuu fi yaadota gaafataman akka dhuunfatti asii gad-dabrataa ture. Kunimmoo isa gaafatamu miidhuu mala-namni hunduu kabaja waan fedhuf. Waan dhugaa fi sobni isaa adda hin baane, “situ akkas godhe”? Jechuun siriri miti. Akka biraatti gaaffuma sana, ulfinas osoo irraa hin mulqiin yaadasaa gaafachuu dandaha ture. Kunimmoo tarii GIBIZNET ykn “abaluutiin akkas jedheeni” akka jedhamuu fi tariimmoo wallaalumarraan tahu kan malu dha;

8. Obsa dhabuu: Yaadaa, ibsaa fi gaaffii dheera erga kaasee booda, deebii argachuufimmo obsa dhabee obbo Dwud dhiisaa, dhiisaa jechaa ture. Kunimmoo yaada dubbatamuu fi dhagaahamuu qabu hambiseera taha. Tarii akka inni fedhetti deebisuu waan dideef taha;

9. Ololaa fi ogummaan adda hin baane: yaadonni ka’an ykn gaafataman gariin hamii fi jette jettee diaspora keessatti akka tokkottis tahe akka biraatti hoogganoota Oromoo fi qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoorratti odeeffaman amanee fudhatee geessee  obbo Dawud itti “maxxanse”. Kunimmoo accuracy and reality yaada sana hanqisa. Investigative journalism fi reality on the ground beekuu gaafata;

10. OMN ykn gaaffii-deebiin suni kaayyoo akka sabatti qabnu isa hanqata; gaafiilee akka sabaatti keessa keenyatti qofaa qabachuu qabnu media irratti bahuuf kan gaafatame ture. Fknf, akka Andargacho Tsigee osoo hoogganni Oormoos qabamaee “ Tarkaanfiin isin mootummaarratti fedhattani maali?” jedhe.

11. Dhugaa jiru dursee hin beekne: QCn yoom akka bahe, saganataa ABO 2004 fi 1998 maali addaaddummaan isaa?, kan bara 1973?, kan jedhu erga baree adda adduumaan maalii fi yoom akka dhalate, seenaa dhaabichaa beekuu feesisa ture;

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Posted 7/21/2014

Seenaa Y.G (2005) tiin, 20-07-14

Nama Oromiyaa keessatti guddatee amma Biyya alaa jiru tokko qeeqa naa dhiheesseen, barruu har’aa eegala. Kanaan duras waan kana kaaseen jira. Namni kun Bilisummaa keenya ni deeggara. Garuu Daandii bilisummaa keessan isinumatu ofitti dheeresse jedhee kulkulfatee dubbata. Baayyina keessan kana humnatti jijjiiruu qabduu nama jedhuudha. 

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Posted 7/21/2014

By Dandii Haqaa | July 18, 2014

1.  Background:

I do appreciate OMN for interviewing our true leaders, who have been the backbone for the success of our people secured so far and who are selfless in contributing their life regardless of the challenges we still facing. I also appreciate the effort of Mr. Kediro, though OMN is still a toddler and hence can make mistakes. But we have to ask critical questions if the mistakes throughout the interviews are intentional or lack of experience. I would take it as lack of exposure, but with so much curiosity. It is the responsibility for all of us, the stakeholders, to correct any mistake and go forward. So I would like to ask the following three questions, before making my observation and opinion:

  • How fair were the interviews handled both by the interviewer and interviewees?
  • Was there any lesson learned from the experience of the leaders to the level expected?
  • Was Mr. Kadiro a biased or balanced interviewer? 
  • 2.  My Observation:

     A. How fair was the interviews handled both by the interviewer and interviewees?


    I tried to compare the interviews of Mr. Lenco and Mr. Dawud and I even questioned myself, is that good to be arrogant sometime to be respected? But it shouldn’t be. As per my observation while it was Mr. Lenco who was not a bit fair toward Mr. Kediro, like saying “go and ask the dead Meles”, it was Mr. Kediro who was not fair toward Mr. Dawud in many occasions, while Mr. Dawud was very polite from the beginning to end.

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Galmee Seenaa Maammoo Mazamir

Posted 7/21/2014

Tolchaa Wagii tiin


Kabajamaa Mammoon abbaa isanii Obbo Mazaamir Haabitee Doorii fi ,haadha isanii addee Umee Guremeessaa irraa Koonyaa Jibaati fi Maaccaa magalaa Guudar keessatti bara 1937 tti dhalate.

Mammoon barnoota sadarkaa duraa magalaa Guudar Keessatti baratee erga Xumureen booda sadarkaa lammaffaa mana baruumsa Ambooti barateera.
Mammoon baruumsa Sadarkaa lammaffaa olanaa gara magalaa Finfinneetti dhufudhan yeroo sanaattii mana Baruumsa “Tafarii Mokonnon” jedhamee beekamutti barataa osoo jiruu fedhii fi hawwii isaa malee ,rakkina jireenyaa isa mudataa ture ,of irraa saliphisuuf jecha Akaadamii mana leenjii “barisiisoota Haraar “seenudhan Qaphixxii olanadhan eebbifameera.

Mammoon barnoota isaa qaphiixxii olanadhan waan xumureef “mana barnoota Akkaadamii waranaa kana “keessatti, hafee barsiisaa tureera. Mammoon mana barnoota kana keessatti Qondallummaa (ajajaa dhiibbaa) ta’ee barsiisaa osoo jiru barnoota sadrkaa olanaa
argachudhan Universitii Finfinnee seenee bara 1962 barnoota seeraa (Law)tiin Deegriin eebbifameera Mammoon jireenya ijoollummaa keessaa jiru fi keessa darbe kana keessatti,rakkolewwan ummata Oromoo irratti fe’amee jiru sadarkaa adda addatti hubataa eerga dhufeen, hanga gaafa, Moorma isaa Fuunyodhaa keennutti murannoodhan hojjataa tureera.

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Woyane rounded up 3,000 Oromo studensts in Yuniversities and sent them to a concentration camp in Afar after shaving their hair

Posted 7/17/2014

Business as usual, the dictatorship Ethiopian regime is badly threatening the Oromo students in desert of Rift Valley (see the photo)


Leenconni barattoonni keenya sababa saamicha lafa Oromoo finfinneef Oromiyaa bakkoota baay’etti godhamaa jiru ilaachisee gufachiisuf qabsoo dhoosun finiinsaa turan amma gammoojjii ho’aa Affaaritti geeffamuun bakka,firriif lammiin hin birmanneefitti akkanattiin akka ilmoo abbaa haadha hin qabneetti rifeensa mataasaanii irraa haadun dhaanichaan gidirfamaa jiraachun dhagahame !

Hubadhaa ! Kun waan garaa nama nyaatu, xiiqii nama qabsiisudha.
Isaan numalee, nuti isaan malee hin qabnu waan dandeessan godhaa !

The Woyanne aka TPLF led Ethiopian dictatorship junta claims that the 3000 shaved young Ethiopians shown in the photo below are street children, but according to Ethiopian Review sources, they are actually Oromo students who were rounded up from Addis Ababa University and other schools following the recent protests. The number of Oromo students who have been rounded up from Ambo and other towns and currently detained in concentration camps exceeds 30,000, witnesses say.


Finfinnee: Fiilmiin Sobaa Barattoota Oromoo Irratti Qophaawaa Jira

Posted 7/17/2014

Barattoonni Oromoo fi ABO akkatti qindoomanii Itoophiyaa keessatti fincila kaasan kan argisiisa jedhame fiilmiin tokko humnoota tikaan qophaawa jira.

Kaayyoon doccumentary film kanaas "barattoota Oromoo pilanii magaalaa Finfinee fi naannoo isheef bahe mormanii hiriira bahan goolessitoota ABO tiin ergaman akka tahe sobanii dhiheessuufi dha" jedhe maddi Simbirtuu.

Fiilmii dharaa kuni amma mana hidhaa Shawaa Ropobit keessatti qophaawaa kan jiru yogguu tahu, humnoota tikaa TPLF, Amhaaraa fi Oromoo akkasumas barattoota Oromoo dantaan bitamanii fi doorsifaman irratti  ramadamanii hojjechaa jiru jedhe maddi keenya.

kanaan duras fiilmii Sobaa motummaan Itoophiyaa  Baddaanoo fi Wateri akkasumas hooggantoota Muslima irratti dalaguusaa  k an yaadachiisan maddi keessaa, ammas qabsoo Oromoo barattootni iiit jira afaan faajjessuu fi saboota biratti xureessuuf jedhee kana qopheessee gad-baasuuf jira jedhani.

 Fiilmiin barattoota Oormoo fi ABO irratti xiyyeeffate kuni yoroo dhihootti youniversiilee keessatti barattootaaf dhihaata jedhameetu eegama.

Barattoota Oromoo fi halagaa afaan Oromoo beekan yuniversitii Amboo, Haramayaa fi D.D keessaa TPLF dalagan akkasumas humnoota Tikaa Dirree Dawaa, Ciroo fi Finfinnee dalagantu hoogganoota tikaa waliin halkanii fi guyyaa Shawaa Roobiti itti dalagaa jiru.

Pre-2015 Election and the Fate of the Opposition

Posted 7/14/2014

By Firehiwot Guluma Tezera, 10 Jyly, 2014

Firehiywot GulummaaWhen we talk about election in Ethiopia, the 2005 national election has becomes foremost as previous elections under both Derg and EPRDF were fake. The national election of 2005 has shown a hint of democracy until election date in Addis Ababa but in regions it was until one month before the voting date. The ruling party has been harassing the opposition and has killed strong opposition candidates. In Addis Ababa the hint of democracy disappeared after the ruling party diverted the election results.

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Ethiopia dismissed twenty Oromo journalists, in hiding

Posted 7/12/2014

By Tom Rhodes, CPJ's East Afrika Representattive

Map of Oromia, photo: Internet

"If they cannot indoctrinate you into their thinking, they fire you," said one former staff member of the state-run Oromia Radio and Television Organization (ORTO), who was dismissed from work last month after six years of service. "Now we are in hiding since we fear they will find excuses to arrest us soon," the journalist, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal, told CPJ.

On June 25, 20 journalists from the state broadcaster in Oromia, the largest state in terms of area and population in Ethiopia, were denied entry to their station's headquarters, according to news reports. No letters of termination or explanations were presented, local journalists told CPJ; ORTO's management simply said the dismissals were orders given by the government. "Apparently this has become common practice when firing state employees in connection with politics," U.S.-based Ethiopian researcher Jawar Mohammed said in an email to CPJ. "The government seems to want to leave no documented trace."

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Human Trafficking of Ethiopians to Yemen

Posted 7/10/2014

UK Agancies Linked to Citizine's Torture in Ethiopia

Posted 7/10/2014

Source: The Gulff Today, 10-07-2014 (London)

LONDON: Britain’s intelligence and security agencies are facing claims that they were complicit in the brutal torture of a British man secretly detained in an African prison.

Ali Adorus, a security guard from east London, was subjected to electrocution, hooding and beatings during his 18 month imprisonment in Ethiopia, according to allegations made against Ethiopia and Britain to the United Nations High Commission.

Before leaving Britain to visit family in Ethiopia in 2012, Adorus had complained that he had been targeted by the Metropolitan Police and the Security Service, MI5, over alleged links to Islamic extremism.

Now his lawyers say that some information contained in a false confession, which he claims was beaten out of him in an Ethiopian prison, could only have been provided by “British intelligence.”

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A Summary of Oromos killed, Beaten and Detained by the Armed TPLF Forces During the 2014 Oromo Protest Against the Addis Ababa (Finfinne) Master Plan

Posted 7/8/2014

Compiled by: National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD) aka Qeerroo Bilisummaa

July 05, 2014



 It is a well-documented and established fact that the Oromo people in general and Oromo students and youth in particular have been in constant and continuous protest ever since the current TPLF led Ethiopian government came to power. The current protest which started late April 2014 on a large scale in all universities and colleges in Oromia and also spread to several high schools and middle schools begun as opposition to the so called “Integrated Developmental Master Plan” or simply “the Master Plan”. The “Master Plan” was a starter of the protest, not a major cause. The major cause of the youth revolt is opposition to the unjust rule of the Ethiopian regime in general. The main issue is that there is no justice, freedom and democracy in the country. The said Master Plan in particular, would expand the current limits of the capital, Addis Ababa, or “Finfinne” as the Oromos prefer to call it, by 20 folds stretching to tens of Oromian towns surrounding the capital. The Plan is set to legalize eviction of an estimated 2 million Oromo farmers from their ancestral land and sell it to national and transnational investors. For the Oromo, an already oppressed and marginalised nation in that country, the incorporation of those Oromian cities into the capital Addis Ababa means once more a complete eradication of their identity, culture, and language. The official language will eventually be changed to Amharic. Essentially, it is a new form of subjugation and colonization. It was the Oromo university students who saw this danger, realized its far-reaching consequences and lit the torch of protest which eventually engulfed the whole Oromia regional state.

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Ethiopia: Electoral Politics and Power Strategies in Ethiopia

Posted 7/5/2014



International democracy promotion is challenged by the global retreat of democracy. The case of Ethiopia demonstrates how political space can be narrowed, a hegemonic regime strengthened, and election observer missions constricted in their capacity to influence outcomes. Election monitoring can deepen the contradictions between regime practices and democratic objectives. *

Why does the Ethiopian government regularly organize elections and invite election observers only to reject their findings? How did the governing party come close to losing the 2005 election yet triumph in 2010 with 99.6% of the vote? Why do international actors such as the EU Observer Mission continue to participate in these processes where their credibility is likely to be tarnished? Such questions must be answered about the manipulation of democracy promotion instruments by a non-democratic regime.

Since the overthrow of the communist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam in May 1991, Ethiopia has organized regular elections in which an increasing number of international actors, especially election observers, have been involved.

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Declaration of Unity of the OLF

Posted 7/3/2014

It is with great pleasure that we announce to our people and the supporters of our struggle for freedom the good news that, based on the accord they made in Kampala, Uganda, in November 2012, the two organizations of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) known as OLF Shanee Gumii (”OLF National Council”) and OLF Qaama Cehumsaa (”OLF Transitional Authority”) have resolved our differences and agreed to combine our two leaderships, unify our members, merge our organizational structures and inaugurate a reunified OLF. Although OLF has encountered many obstacles during the last forty years, there was no time when it has stopped the struggle that it was established to lead. No one can deny the fact that the national struggle led by the OLF has scored many victories and made many significant achievements that have taken the Oromo people a long way toward the national goal of independence. Among these great achievements is the level of political awareness of our people.
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Berlin: ABO-Shanee fi ABO-QC qabsoo bilisummaa finiinsuuf tokkoomani

Posted 7/3/2014

Bara 2001 irraa kaasanii adda bahanii kan turan qaamonni ABO lameen, ABO-ShGS fi ABO-QC marii  dheeraan booda adda addummaa qabanii fi sababa adda isaan baase erga qoratanii booda  deebi'anii tokkoomuu isaanii gaafa Waxabajjii 28, 2014 Berlin itti  labsani.

Qaamonnii kunneen bara 2001 akkuma adda bahaniin lubbuu namaa fi qabeenyarra gaaga'ama geessisuun isaa beekamaa dha. Bara 2009tti  Amerikaa, Washington DC itti qaamni lamaan walitti dhufanii rakkoo isaanii furachuu fi qabsoo sabaa gara-fuulduraatti haala shaffisiisuu danda'anirratti marii eegalani.

Marii kuni itti fufee bara 2012tti Uganda, Kaampaalaatti qaamni lamaan  wal-arganii araaramuuf walii galuu isaanii akka walii galan ibsa baasani. Mariin kuni itti fufuun xumura baatii Waxabajjii 20114tti biyya Germany, Berlin itti hoogganni gama lamaanuu wal-arganii araara sana xumurani.

Qaamni lamaanuu kan walii-galan "sagantaa siyaasaa tokko, builisummaa Oromoo fi walabummaa Oromiyaa fi hoooggana tokko jalatti masakamuu" kan jedhu dha. Waxabajjii 28, 2018 irraa kaasee ABO-shanee fi ABO-QC jedhamuu hafee maqaa ABO jedhamu qofaan akka waamaman labsii baasanii beeksisani.

Gumiin sabaa gama lamaaniis walitti makamee jira. Gumii sabaa kana kan hoogganu obbo Dawud Ibsaa, Itti aanaan 1ffaa obbo Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo fi itti aanaa 2ffaa obbo Bultum Biyyoo dha.

Araarri qaamota ABO kuni mooraa Oromoo keessatti gammachuu fi QBO kan shaffisiisu dha. Garruu diina Oromoo fi Oromiyaa bitaa jiruufimmoo rafaatii fi dhukkuba dha jedhani HD ABO, obbo Dawud Ibsaa.

Oduun tokkoomuu ABO kuni gaafa Waxabajjii 28, waaree booda firoottan qabsoo Oromoo warraa Germany, ONLF, SLM, ULFO, Gurmuu Qabsawotaa, keessummoota waamichi godhamee, manguddoolee fi hawaasa Oromoof ibsi kennameera.

Galgala sana weellisaa beekaaa Oromoo Haayiluu Kitaabaa uummata bahe bohaarsaa bule.

Bara 2008, ABO-jijjiramaa jedhamuu BJ Kamaal Galchuun durfamu ABO-ShGS irraa bahee ture. Jijjiiramarraa bara 2009tti gareen "Koree Yoroo fi Gurmuu Qabsaawotaa" jedhaman adda bahani. Jijjiramni BJ Kamal Galchuun durfamu bara 2012tti kaayyoo siyaasaa ABO jijjiiruusaa labse. Qaama kanarraa hooggannii fi miseensotni hedduun bahanii dhaaba bara 2014tti ADO (Adda Dimokraataa Oromoo) jedhee of-labsetti makamani.

New Post Title

Posted 6/26/2014

The Mass Massacre & Imprisonment of ORA Orphans – Wallaga 1992-93

By Mekuria Bulcha | June 21, 2014

“…. many of us lost our parents and relatives and were cared for by the Oromo Relief Association (ORA) for our survival and wellbeing. With the support of the international community and Oromos abroad, some 1,700 of us have been taken care of in exile in the Blue Nile Province of the Sudan. … The ORA gave us the chance to survive” (from a letter by “Raagaa”, one of the ORA children 1993).

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The Simplest Step Ethiopians Can Take to Protect Themselves From Excessive Gov’t Surveillance

Posted 6/26/2014

By Daniel Tadesse, 24-06-2014

June 24, 2014 (Tech President) — The Ethiopian government has at their disposal a formidable collection of surveillance technologies, and can intrusively monitor writers and activists at home and abroad.

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Finfinnee: Waldaan siyaasaa Äadaa fi Afaan Oromoo hundaawuufi

Posted 6/26/2014

Guutummaa Oromiyaa tiin, 25--6-2014

Dargaggoonni Oromoo Magaalaa Finfinnee Waldaa Siyaasa hundarraa Bilisa ta'e Mata duree "Aadaa fi Afaan Oromoo"jedhu hundeessan

Waldaan kun kan hundaa'e yeroo Gabaabaa keessatti Kutaa Magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti Hojii ni eegala jedhameera. Hojiin inni eegalu inni Eegalu M/Barumsa hunda keessatti Afaan Oromoo akka baratamu godhuu, miseensi Waldichaa Afaan Oromoo barachuuf Xiyyeeffannoo itti kennuu akkasuma Ummanni akkamitti akka baratu Marii garaa garaatti Seenuuf jedhameera. Garuu yeroo ammaa Waajjira Haqaa Finfinnee fi Biiroo Aadaa fi Tuurizmiin deeggaramus Chaappaan hanga ammaatti akka hin kennaminiif beekuun danda'ameera

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Adaamaa: Dh.D.U.On ofis, gaazexeessota DhRTOs jeeqaa jira

Posted 6/26/2014

Guutummaa Oromiyaa tiin, 25-06-2014

OPDO'n amanamummaa Gaazexeessitoota Dhaabbata Raadiyoo fi Televijinii isheerraa dhabuun sodaa cimaa keessa seente!

Mata duree leenjii guyaa 20tiin gaazexeessitoota dhaabbata TV fii Raadiyoo Oromiyaa wol gahii hamaarra teechisanii turuun ni yaadatama. Mata dureen inni gudaan leenjii kanaa ”waa`ee tarsiimoo fi imammata mootummaa, Akkasumaas Gaazexeessummaa Misoomaa lafa qabsiisuu.” kan jedhu yoo tauu, Fedhiin isaanii garuu gaazexeessitootaa fi hubannoo addaa kenuudha. Hubbanooni kuniis , fincila diddaa gabrummaa Oromiyaa guututti ta’amaaru ilaalchisee Uummata akka dogogorsaniif ture. Gocha kana kan jibani gaazexeesitooni baayyeen qeeqa guddaa mana keessaa itti kaasuun yaada isaanii osoo hin fudhatin hafaniiru.
Kan ta’ees ta’u garuu Wanta mootummaan jedhu malee daangaa dabartanii hin gabaasinaa jechuun akeekachiisaan wolgahicha guduunfanii turani. Qaama walgahii kanaa kan ture keesaa tokko oboo Zalalamiin Jamaanee, isa duri hoogganaa gidu-gala waajjira dhaabaata OPDO tureefii , kan yeroo ammaa biiroo qonnaa Oromiyaatti hoogganaa jiru wajjiin walii galtee osoo hin godhin waligahicha raawatani turanii.
Wolgahicha boodaa rakkoo ilaalchaa qabdu jechuun hojjatoota ykn gaazexeessitoota dhaabbata raadiyoofi televisioona Oromiyaa hiraarsuun itti dhaadatanii deemanii turani. Sababuma kanaan guyyaa haraa ganama woyita hojjaadhaaf seenani Poolisiin moora keessa seenuun woraqaa eenyumaa ilaaluun Gaazexeessitoota 17 Mooraa dhaabbatichaa seenuu dhoorkuun woroota hafanitti qoranoo addaa tooftaan gochaa oolaniiru.
kanneen keessa namonni lakk.12 ta'an kan armaan gaditi
1. Birraa Laggasaa
2. Abdisaa Fufaa
3. Olaansaa Waaqumaa
4. Obsee Kaasahun
5. Abdii Gadaa
6. Baqqalaa Irree
7. Zallaqaa Oljiraa
8. Kabbaboo Ibsaa
9. Ayyaanaa Cimdeessaa
10. Yusuuf Warqasaa
11. Izqeel Argaw
12. Margaa Angaasuu

hordoftoota keenya yeroo dhiyoo keessatti kanneen hafaan immoo maqaa isaanii akka isiin biraan geenyu abdiin nu eega!


Posted 6/26/2014

Seenaa Y.G (2005) tiin, 25-06-2014

WBOn gaachana Ummata Oromooti !! wayita jennu, WBOn Ummata Oromoo irraa diina kan qolatu ykn ittisu ta’uuf dhaadachuu qofaa odoo hin taanee, akka itti boonnu fi abdii irraa qabnu ibsaa jirra jechuudha.

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